Can't sleep, Have been sick with an Earach..

3:08am - 2/27/21c- i am ok!

For the past few days i been dealing with an earache and just got the pain down. Yesterday didn't even go to sleep all night due to ear pain. I went to the Doctor and got some antibotics for the ear. I had to take Some aspirin for pain and i can tell you that the pain has died down. My mom was like maybe you should go to the hospital and im like eh its kind of scary to go so im like im sure i will be ok. Shes like i wish they would of gave me strong meds. I been sleepying off aND ON all day to where i am no longer sleepy oops. I guess being sick i should be sleepying and fighting the pain. ugh what a pain in the ass.. I always have trouble with my ears. it's not even the weather to be honest. I can put headphones on and i get an earache. ugh life. Right now it wants to start hurting and im like Nooooo... Then mother nature shows up ugh everything hurts now lol.. ugh im ok though. I'll fight this ear infection and get back to being better.. Just wanted to let you guys know im ok. Just havent felt myself. Ok you guys need to check out "Ginny and Georgia" on netflix. It's good. I know this goes in for Pineapple dream buti don't feel that great to go over there an updated tonight. I will update soon. I need to organize the pages ;) well ttyl

"It's SNowing in "Texas"!!

Happy Valentines Day! - Time:8:13pm - Date:2/14/21

I just wanted to tell my Affies that you are all amazing and wanted to tell you "Happy Valetines day". Well being single kind of sucks from not getting any flowers or candy. Although every year my dad buys my mom, Me and my daughter flowers expect this year its 20 degrees and its snowing and not to mention my mom and dad venture out today to go see what kind of candy they had and my mom text me and said that all valentines shelfs where "Empty" like damn this year who ever came and got the stuff had to hurry lol.. Oh well We ended up just getting some regular candy that was good enough. I got M&m's it's probably the only thing i can have right now cause if i eat anymore i will end up sick with a stomachache.. The only thing i hate having IBS.. Im very limited on what i can have. Yes more problems which really sucks.. My results said that i may be "pre Diabetic" oh shit lol. Sorry not something i want to have so i need to walk more and drink more water. I guess im kinda getting to that age where i just need to check and make sure i don't have it. I have to be fasting first to check. In the morning if i don't eat on time i will end up having a stomaheache and if i eat i have one anyways and if i over eat i have one lol. This really sucks. But its good to be on top of my health you know. I am just waiting for this weather to slow down to find another doctor.. Damn Let me tell you Tonight in "Texas" its achually snowing where i am at. Hopefully in the morning i will take some pictures and post them soon. I am excited but yet cold lol.. its 28 degrees.. The snow was falling and could hear it hitting the window.. I been doing ok. For the last couple of days i couldn't really be on the computer cause of bad headache and earache. I hate being sick so i took double aspirin and the headache went away and im ok and found some drops and use those tonight to help with everything else. Anyways i just wanted to come on here and let you know that i am doing ok. Today my Tremors seems to be ok. yet some days its so bad that i can't even control it and want to cry because its driving me crazy. Theres been like a little tinkle feeling in my hands. I hope when i find another doctor that i will get some help for those. I think it can lead to something else but i pray it doesn't and that i am able to get some sort of help. I also want to say is to Pray for my friends mom shes in the hospital.. She has an aneurysm in her stomach. She went to washington state to go see her son and landed her self in the hospital and my friend is worried sick cause she had to stay behind. So it sucks that she cant see her mom.. ugh! So thanks if you do pray!! well gotta see what i can work on today lol..ttyl

I am doing ok!!

Date:8:42pm Date:1/30/21 - Mood: Eh Bored!

Hey what is up? I am doing ok. Dealing with this pandemic and trying to stay home and be healty. I was surely on a little break from putting anything up. I dunno i hadn't really been in a mood to blog. But The other layout i had was kind of annoying me lol. i know i had just put it up and i worked really hard on it. So i decided to make another one. This shaking is annoying me because i can't seem to focus on doing stuff and when i clean i get extermely tired easily and then i start to shake and i can't control none of it. Some days i just feel like crying because im at age that i shouldn't be doing this and i wish i could control it. right now its ok but its getting to the point right now where im telling my brain what to do and its starting to give me problems and i miss spell words cause my hands have a mind of its own and i can't control it. Even texting my bestfriend is hard sometimes i have to try and wait a few and then try again. its one of the reasons why i just don't want to text because of the feeling it gives me.
Heard this song the other day and it just motivated me to keep going.

Listen to the words! I keep fighting this.. well going to head to bed i am getting hungry so late at night lol ugh so bad for me.. ttysoon!
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