January 21

Where do i begin? Sad News Tonight.

Date:01-06-21 9 10:36pm Mood:Shocked

I have no words to express how i feel at the moment. We just got a phone call tonight from my aunt telling My mom that my couison just died and i am shocked to know that this happen. So happens he had covid. He had been sick for a couple of days and didn't want to go to the hospital at all. I know some of us can be hard headed about things but covid is just no joke right now. we are not all strong to put up with this sickness and some people think its a hoax and its a joke but its not. It's serious and so many people are dying from it. Please people wear your mask. I had that going on and then like right after my birthday not something i want to think about but i know things happen that we have no control of. This world is not the same anymore. We got the end of times and things are getting so bad out there im just scared of everything right now. Its making me feel more depressed and more stressed out. to many things are going down and to much for us to see. I don't even want to know anymore..
Well id have to say my bday yesterday was ok. Got to spend it with the family and im just happy that im here to live another year. got fooD and a roof over my head.
Website related some of my layouts that i offer for free are going to be moved to Gummy Dust Im going to Fix some of them and re do them. I just want to get better at coding and offer a site with just "Free layouts". I don't know what else to add on there at the moment. But we will see.. I just don't want to add everything here cause after all this is my blog.. So wanting to keep it short and sweet..
well talk to you soon. ;) take care and wear those mask..!!

Date:1/16/21 Time:11:21am Mood:Im Doing ok

So They Burried My cousin Yesterday. You ever feel like Maybe its just a dream when someone tells you that a family member or a friend has died and you feel like maybe its a joke or that its not serious until you see them laying in a casket and gone forever? thats something i feel right now. I couldn't go to the funeral cause it would of been a 4 hour drive to get there and then back home. Didnt want to risk anyone getting sick. So my mom got a video showing the viewing and then when they are burring him. He was only 35 years old. So young and yet left us shocked that it happen so close to home. thats 2 family members i have lost to covid. This sickness is no joke. The yonger crowd is not to sure of it and thinks its a hoax but the stronger can survive and if you feel sick just go get tested to get help. Don't wait. Its that serious. I wonder of my Cousin would of got some kind of help could he have survived? thats the question i ask my self or was it ment to be where god just decides when its time for us to leave? Who knows what ever choice or what our path is..
Ok so whats new? well The doctor told me i had "high cholesterol" So She Put Me on some medication and hope its helping me. It's so hard to eat outside because anything i like well, it's fried lol!..So dealing with that and Tremors is what she diagonsed me with. So sometimes its hard to code or type and write and move things here and there because of my arms. right now its not that bad but there are times where i just cant do anything. I worked on a shelf a couple of days ago and in the middle of putting it together i was shaking the whole time. I sat down a couple of times but it was really bad i still was trying to put together and i finished it and im proud. But to control the shakes i have this feeling where i can't control it. I can't explain how it made me feel. I just felt so odd. Im tryng to get use to it but its hard to live with. To control it is Very hard. But im been doing ok. I just sighly had been working on Gummy Dust. Fixing and re doing coding on the layouts here and there but not really doing much because the coding is making me mad lol. I am going to work on a new layout for this one i just haven't got around to it. I really love this one because even though it took forever with the coding i still really enjoy this one..Its My favorite for the time being lol.. So with that saying im gonna go ahead and get off of here and put up two new affies. Please Check them out. They all have amazing sites..Love u guys!!

dec 20

Super Cute, And I am Sleepy..

Date:12/28/20 - Time:10:35pm - Mood:Earache Hurts so bad :(

So I worked a few days on this Layout when i drew this. I messed up a couple of times because of my hands shaking but whatever I did my best on it and it might be a little wonky but whatever. So i designed this layout for my "Birthday" Which is on January 5th. I wanted to put this out Super early cause i didn't want to do it on that day. Then i will set up another layout later one. But for now this will be up tille January 7th or longer. Just depends how fast i can work lol. Well i really hope you like this layout. I had to work a little hard on the colors and the fonts and ect. So it took a while and then my mom wanted to use my computer to get on Facebook so i used that time to take a shower and put my Pjs on and etc. I have a Really bad earache which really sucks at the moment cause its so Painful. The only thing thats been helping me is Ibuprofen but it takes a while to kick in. It also has been making my gums hurt. So i may run to walmart tomorrow or some where close and just get some drops for pain but if it gets worse i'll have to go see the doctor so i can get some meds. Well i am done with this layout so i will have to get some Zzz's im already Tired and ready for bed. Uh i will have to work on the 88x31 button tomorrow. Hope everyone is Ready for that "Money" thats about to hit the bank accounts and we will be starting off the year with a bang.. I can't wait for 2021. 2020 has been a very rough year and people we have lost. Its time to pray that our land gets better from covid and that our world becomes normal again so we can toss our mask in the trash.. Ttyl