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Date:12/03/20 - Time:9:32pm - Mood:Sleepy/bored - Place:My Room!! (COLD)

I know they want us to wear a mask but tonight when I went to the store I honestly could not breath for nothing. So I removed it and walked into another store and the young girl in the cashier just kept staring at me. I wear mine all the time like all the time this was the one time I couldn't breath that I removed it. When its people like them they don't bat one eyelash and when its me they just stare.

So what does everyone think of this New vaccine? Are you going to take it and if not why? I honestly don't want to take it because everytime someone gets covid there has been new things happening to people and they are all different and its hitting people differently. Hope can you keep something away if all the time something new comes along with it. Someone told me that they are putting baby lungs into the vaccine and I don't know what else. Plus its making women sterili and they can't have babies. I can't have anymore so im not to worried about that. But How effected is it? Honeslty don't want to risk it to be honest.

I am so tired of hearing about this election. Had they just been truthful we wouldn't be in this mess. Im not to happy with Biden cause he is going to distory america. I mean he wants to close down the oil company's and that is going to create more people out of work and homeless. He wants to raise taxes and bring in martial law when are freedom is gone. There goes more killings, robbery's and more roits and its going to create a mess. No matter who will be at the white house come January. it's going to get bad and what do you need to do to get prepared. Well you need to stock up on medication, on food and gas and make sure you have plenty of water. Because i don't know whats to come and when i sit here to think about it, i start to get scared I start to be scared for me but for my family and my kids to see this and have to go through this. Let alone this is not over until our lord Jesus wants to heal our land. No matter how many times we have prayed, no matter the tears and the struggle. God is coming, God is ready. When he says its time its time. Im more worried about our freedom, cause that would mean that at any moment they could take our guns away, they could force us to get the vaccine and make us do stuff we don't want to do. Which is pretty scarey when you think about it. Ok enough i can't stress this enough..

For the past few days, Headaches none stop. Don't know if that "time of month is coming" or the weather. But i night i take aspirin and i end up falling a sleep.. Some new shows are coming up. Can't wait!! that means new content for Pineapple Dream..Well just wanted to blog talk to you laters. Feel free to put your two cents in..

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Hey whats up?

12/01/2020 - 10:34pm

Brrr It is cold. They are saying we might get some snow this year, in Texas..Wow I hope so cause I Love Snow I just don't like the cold or to be in it. Well we got back from our trip to Florida. It was nice to get away but also nice to come back home. I went to go see my Grandma who is 98 years old. Her and my aunts and uncle where in a car accident.Someone hit them and They ended up being hurt from it. They all are ok just hurting here and there. But We didn't stay long cause everyone has to go back to work. It's just hard when you go and then come back and have to pay bills like uh. I did ok expect that not eating on time made me shake and then ofcourse im suprised i didn't get nervous on the road like I tend to do. But My daughter got sick and there I honestly think itc cause of nerves and stuff. It was't fun like i would had hoped for but it was nice to get away. Ofcourse I missed home and my kids did to and we also missed our pets. I wish we had an RV cause its just getting way to expensive in the hotels. But we made it safe and back home yesterday around 7pm but I have been super tired and I been sleeping and just watching tv and trying to keep warm. The only thing now is my stomach just keeps on hurting and I want to eat every damn thing in the house cause of the cold. But can't cause I'll be sick.. I think i need some Gloves just to sit here on the computer. I wanna get me a lap top that way i have my stuff on here and then when im tired of sitting at the computer i can just take my stuff to the bed area and be warm lol.. I think My cat missed me cause this morning she was super close to me and my chest and im pretty sure she is cold and i was breathing in her face lol and she was just loving it, I guess lol. But its gonna be down to the 30s and 40s and 50s right now but it seems colder in the house. We have the heater on but the floor omg is super cold feels like ice. We don't have no carpet.. So I'll have to dress in layers to be on the computer lol. joking. Well i designed like 2 or 3 different layouts and wasn't happy with neither of them. This one its ok, I don't hate it and I don't love it. But hey its there until i get tired of it :p..Hope Everyone is doing ok, good or day or night. When ever you are reading this...;)

Just Blogging

11/27/20 - 9am

So I am still trying to come up with a new layout for this one and its in the making and im coding it at the moment. Which is going to take me a while to uploaded it. Maybe by next week. I put up some Tutorials that I found pretty helpful when I was re learning again. I was learning to use a heart simple in css and I learned how to do that pretty quick. How ever I put the link up that helped me learn. I hope its useful for you guys to learn and something new. How ever thanksgiving was great, we had turkey of course and gravy and my moms famous stuffing that i love so much but can't really eat much of anymore which sucks. I been doing this Smoothie twice a day and since I no longer can have red meat my smoothie has helped with so much vitamin I need in my body.. It's hard to stay on top of this diet. It's hard when im out and about and can't decide what to eat because im so limited. I decided for my own sake to be partial vegan and though its hard to find dishes that are vegan and to eat its not easy. So I tried that vegan burger at "Burger King" let me tell you it was pretty gross I mean its eatable but it had no taste to it. I eat it cause I was hungry but it wasn't the greatest. How ever this year I got to try the vegan burger at Red Robin OMG let me tell you the best one I have ever had. This one had so much flavor and it was soo good. But I feel like with regular burgers I felt tired after words and low engery and with a vegan burger I felt amazing and not tired. I even let go of Coke, I was a huge coke drinker and I haven't had a coke in 6 months. I've lost alot of weight since then.The only thing now is I suffer from IBS. I guess when you get older your body changes. My dad and Brothers are diabetics and Me and My mom are not. I have to Stay Active as much as possiable because I don't want to be a diabetic at all but the IBS kind of reminds me that I have to eat on time or else I will be sick to my stomach. It's not easy sometimes but I am trying the best I can. How ever I finally got a little of sleep last night, I haven't been sleepying that great at night. Here we go again as I lay awake at night wondering why I can't sleep at all. It's been driving me up the wall. I hear when you can't sleep someone, somewhere is thinking of you. But it's been weeks so I have no idea who is thinking of me and they need to stop so I can sleep Damnit lol..
So what else is going on? uh Not much Just Christmas is coming up so fast and my son asked his dad for a playstation 5. This kid is expensive and he reminds me alot like me lol. Always wanting the good things in life. My daughter she hasn't said exactly what she wants this year. So I am waiting for that Christmas list. She's a teenager and most of the teenagers now days want Money. Like who doesn't with this pandemic going on.. Can we get a rebot? cause this year has a virus. I can't wait for next year. My Birthday is coming in January but im not ready to be a new age lol so fast lol. I wish i could go back to just being a kid.
So I read this blog the other day and this 30 year old was buying Slime. To me there is nothing wrong with buying slime. It's for all ages and its good to just hear the sounds it makes and i even just watch people on youtube playing with slime and it puts me to sleep. But what made me upset was the fact that her sister was making fun of her because she spent her own money on slime. WHY? I buy slime and im almost 40. Doesn't mean where mental or wanting to be a kid. If you are nervious like me its good to have something to do with your hands and slime is a cool thing to mess with. I have no problem and i wish people who don't get it would shut the hell up. So what if we buy Slime. Atleast its not drugs or like a bad habit with pills.. So with that im going to have to stop or else i will keep bloging and keep talking lol. I just have a lot to say and i know i havent been bloging at all but i just been i dunno eh. So anyways it felt good to blog. But you guys stay Safe and Keep on smiling. I will talk to you guys next week some time..

Hey, its been a while huh, 11/18/20 - 12:45am

Hey whats up? So today i added Some Affies Boxes and Elite Boxes and you can use that to put your affies buttons or links in there and how ever you want to use them for. I also re did the the site namer and added new names and organized it better. Going to see what else i'll add tonight. I hadn't felt good today :( due to that time of month. All my legs hurt and my side hurts and im like i really hate this. ugh. but i can't really do much. I need to start cleaning soon, Tackle my room and tackle the kids room tomorrow if im feeling any better. ThanksGiving is coming around the corner and i also have to wash clothes and such. no fun but i need to get it done.. Well i will let ya guys go.. Hope everyone is doing ok!! talk soon!!

Weeeh, Im tired..

11/7/20 - hey whats up? Im going to be looking for affies so if youd like to be affies just hit me up. also i added 2 pages of backgrounds, the other links don't work yet i am still adding more. I aslo added 3 update boxes, 1 set of website, 10 pages of 100x100 icons. I will be adding more stuff tomorrow. I wanna get this site loaded with things that are useful i been lacking with this site. When i am finally done, i will start to work on the hosting page and then i will move on to my webstore from there. anyways thank you for soon!!

eh! its late i know..

11/7/20 - Uh, Im still editing the pages.I put up a new layout and love this better. I also need to add more stuff. So coming in the days or so i will be working and working to make this better and i will also be updating the webhosting, the hosting page and so on. Will go from there when i think of what to add next. Some pages don't work but they are there so i can edit them tomorrow. Well im off to bed so good night...