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wow this week is Christmas....

Date:12/21/20 - 9:40pm - Mood:Cold

So last week me and my mom had to run to walmart to get a few groceries and well she forgot her "mask" and i told her don't worry about it i mean i see tons of people not wearing one but she was like i need to have one anyways so at the front she grabbed one. Dude bad idea well when she got home i put things up for her or i try to help her out. I came to my room after i finished and i fell a sleep and the next day she told me that she was itching really bad on her mouth area and i said i wonder what happen she said it was the mask she said it smelled really bad and then she ended up getting a rash from it. No more will be get anything for free like that again. Im not exactly sure what they put on those mask but it was scary to know what ever was in there gave her a rash. She was pretty worried and I told her to wash her face just to make sure what ever was in there to make sure she got it off her face. I just don't know why there isnt anyone around like who tempared with those makes me wonder. So we wont be getting any of those for free..
Just be careful out there and if you have to buy one thats ok. It happens..
The weekend was hectic. My mom took me and my daughter shopping for Christmas and i got like a pair of jeans and a shirt. My daughter found alot of things and im so glad cause she just grows out of everything pretty fast. My son hates "rue 21" lol he says that the guy clothes in there look to girly lol. Me and my daughter like the graphic shirts and then holy jeans haha. My son is like No, not for me mom.. hes only 12 and is like has his own style that kind of reminds me of his dad and grandpa. thats something they wouldn't wear. I like the holy ones cause if im out im partial hot and cold. So i wanna be able to feel some kind of coolness on my legs lol..
2 nights my dog has barked all night and i look out and don't see anything at all. Im not exactly sure what she is barking at but all i know if someone comes through that fence she is the first one that will bite your ankle. She has already took 2 bites out of two people that have came in this fence. Shes the only one im glad she doesn't smell u first she goes stright to your ankle and bites lol.. So i know she wouldn't let anyone come in. Besides a cop one night a cop jumped over our fence and my mom goes i wonder if they just know that its cop cause they didn't do anything to the cop lol.. :)..
Anyways i got 2 gifts and just wrapped them up. One for my mom and one for my dad so i can't wait for them to open them up.. Well i wish i could buy more and the kids are just getting money from me cause its just so hard for me to pick and they probably wont like it lol..
Where all doing ok. just trying to stay warm and just be safe ya know..
Hope everyone has an amazing week this week and keep safe and warm and laugh and try to have a good time with your families..
Talk to you soon!!

Made This For All My Affies [Merry Christmas]

Date:12/17/20 - 6:32pm - Song:You Are The Reason

Didn't feel like really blogging but i will in couple of days. I just wanted to share what i made for my Affies.

Feel free to use the link to upload it to your website :)..Hope everyone is doing ok!!
Still have yet to hear from the Doctor. Going to have to call them and see what they say.. ttyl

Its Getting Closer to Christmas!!

Date:12/16/20 - 4:04pm - Mood:I am ok!

Wow is christmas coming super fast this year? Im not ready for christmas its like a covid christmas and its not the same. Among ourself it's just me and my kids and my mom and dad in one house hold so atleast we have each other to nag on and bother each other lol.. I got two little blisters on my left arm and don't know where they came from.. I had a bandaid there where they took out blood so i don't know if it was that and then on that same arm on the otherside it feels like im going to get a bruse there so when i put presure on it, it hurts a little.. They gave me the flu shot and i don't know if that made me sick or what. I ended up having sulfer burps. Those are the most gross thing to have. I can't have Eggs because of IBS. Well i read online that the "flu shot" has egg protain in it. I think thats why i felt so sick yesterday. I have to diagnose my self lol, maybe i should just become my own doctor lol. As yuo get older you just start noticing things you are getting and its like ek. I don't feel old but when i feel sick i can feel it lol.. I hate feeling sick though.
So what else is going on. I feel a little better to work and add some stuff to the site. Like More free enter,revamp and etc layouts for the index. You know i searched for a few index codes online and couldn't find anything i like so i decided to make some so other people may want to use them if they want to.. Sometimes i just don't want to put a small works just to say i'll brb lol. i want something pretty but nothing you can enter on the site..Just like hey i'll be back soon with something colorful.. So im doing that at the moment. I hope everyone is doing well and doing ok!
I need to go christmas shopping. My dads been taking my moms car all week and hes been working super late ugh. So annoyed cause i cant go to get something for the kids.. So hopefully some time this week i am able to go.. Or i'll have to take them both shopping to make up for not getting them anything lol.. well see..
It's super cold here in Texas and i moved my desk and now where i put it, its colder and im like omg what was i thinking lol. oh well.. but i been super cold and i drad going out there but i need to lol.. alright ive said to much lol.. talk soon!!

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Is it to soon to say im tired of this layout?

date:12/14/20 - 9:53pm Mood:Honestly just don't fill good at all.

Well i ended up seeing the doctor at 8am this morning i was fine i explained to her how i was feeling and she decided to take out blood to see if maybe it could be like thyroid disease and im thinking to myself thats probably why some nights i wake up in sweats and here i thought it was something else like manapose or something. My heart flutters and some nights i just simply don't sleep. Well i mean hopefully they give me something for the shakyness ya know. But when i got home i honestly was not feeling at my best i started to feel nauses and light headed and i am still feeling that way not as much but its still there. I think i feel that way cause i have my period and then they took out blood so im pretty sure thats why i felt like that all day. I wanted to do some christmas shopping but i couldnt because how i felt today it was just horriable. I have try to eat twice and just can't i don't know why but if i don't eat i could be sick all week. When you go other things and then feeling this way on top of this. its pretty hard to decide and i just made me a smoothie and iam ok with that but my dumb ass put it on the side of my desk and it fell off and now its half gone. Omg i just don't feel good at all. I want to work on the site a little but i just really don't feel good at all to do anything. I am also tired of seeing this layout lol. So i don't know i get tired of layouts pretty fast lol. I dunno if thats a me thing or everyone else feels that way.. Well i am gonna try and get better some and then i will do some stuff to add to this website. I hope everyone is doing good ;).. talk soon!!

New Affie :D

Date:12/10/20 - 9:15am - Mood:Bored

I Finally have a doctors apointment for "Monday" I been feeling super shaky and i don't know if it has to do with the medication i am on or what. I can wake up from a nap and then my hands will shake fast and i will go and eat cause i think maybe it has to do with eating and no i will keep shaking for no reason. I don't know if its a nerve damage or what or like maybe my nerves are to my hands now. Im not exactly sure. So me and my mom walked to the store yesterday and when you live out in the woods its kind of far but it was a good walk, well when i got there to the store i was shaking bad and then all of sudden i started to feel light headed and i felt like Nausous so i don't know what is going on. When we got home i knocked out and woke up at 3am because i had pain in my legs and stuff i was hurting lol. But the shaking in the hands just don't stop i can't even control it and i can fill it through my body it feels weird. I guess i will find out whats going on when i see my doctor..It's hard to design again cause of it. Sometimes i just get off my desktop and just go lay down cause some days its just so bad. So annoyed.
Got a new Affie, Please go and check out my affies. They all have amazing graphics and websites. They inspire me. So please go check them out..
Well i been up since 3am so im going to go work on killer-designs and some other websites i own. While i seem to be ok still shaky but i have to work past it.. Hope u guys have a great day!!

More LockDowns, Stores are closing, People losing there jobs

Date:12/07/20 - Time:11:16pm - Mood:Tired -

We are getting hit hard. My Favorite store's are closing More Lock downs more strick places. We are all getting hit hard and trying to make things met at the end of the month. Trying to not be depressed with so much being or getting out. The only time i get out is to the store or to do bussiness and im already use to being in and when i do get out i feel super nervious or im feeling sick.. Thosands of people going to loose there jobs and until god decides to heal our land we all need to pray. But thank god where all doing ok and no one is sick which is great.. Nothing new going on just here watching my videos for css so i can learn more while i blog lol.. Well thats it for now. We will talk soon!!