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Hey whats up? Welcome to my Site. There is tons of stuff for you to use and Always remember to give me Credit. This is Also my Blog where I can talk about life, depression, IBS, Tremors and Anxiety, Nerves and mental help. No one is perfect as i struggle with life and dealing with things that I wish no one had. But here I am trying to be Strong. I Struggle But i am me..


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The Name is Karmen. I am 40 Years old. I am a Mother of 2 Amazing Children who are my world. I been Single for the past 5 years now. I struggle alot with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks,ibs and ofcourse living with Tremors. Something i really love is Pigs,pugs and hippos. I also love pizza and chocolate but allergic to milk. I can be Shy but yet very outspoken. I am truthful, kind and a heart of gold. I can get along with anyone and very easy to get along with. How ever if you are mean to me or to my family i also can bite back and also be very sarcastic. I love to laugh, be outside and playing with my animals. When bored i am either watching a movie, tv show or playing ACNH..I love to learn new things and be creative and work on my website. I really enjoy creating stuff..:)

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Its Thursday

April 18 2024

Let me just tell you the boo boo i did the other night. LOL. While i was looking at the finished layout well i noticed on Everytime Instead of putting E V E R Y T I M E i put E V E R T H I N G lmao Tell me now to work late at night ever again. Shit i just left it that way. I still can't stop laughing at that mistake and the shitty thing is i didn't save the header as a psd So i could go back and edit it. Thats what i get for not saving it and working late at night. Yes we do make plenty of mistakes in our work it just so happen that the day was the day i put the layout up lol. Well i'll have to make a new layout in a couple of days for it so it'll give me something to do for now im just going to leave that one up there and hope no one notices it well now that i mention it you are going to notice it.. LMAO.. anyways Today was a good day. I went over my bank account an i paid some of it Which sucks cause some of the bills that are ment to be taken out that day wait a few days and then they take out like WTF i want them to do it that same day so i don't spend it. So have to be careful next month. So i went to Bealls well it used to be burks but they changed the name and i was looking at perfumes and im like ok im going to get this one and another one. Cause they don't cost that much there so thats where i find all my perfumes for a better price. So when i got home i started to open one and well umm i made another mistake yup. I dunno why they put the mens in the womens purfumes well i ended up getting the mens. I can't be mad at myself for that one i should have looked. It smells good though but don't want to smell like a guy sooo i gave it to my son he was happy. Im like argh oh well. Atleast got one for me that smells good its from holister . I get those there cause they dont sell them anymore and u can find them at like tj max and bealls in my case. If you saw my shelve you probably would say damn. Yes i collect Purfumes, boysprays and lotions and i use everything once or twice or more. Depends which one i want to smell like haha. But serioueslly im good for more then 5 years. It's probably crazy i think a normal person probably has one or two. Mine is about over 100. If i where to sale them at $9 a pc I would get pretty good deal so 100x9.00=$900 dollars damn. Probably have more then 100 and some of them like 3 of them i have two sets lol. But i know exactly which ones i have an which ones i don't. Its like that with Makeup i just go to the store get a bunch of makeup and thats all i have lol the ladys just look at me and im like don't judge lol. It really just keeps me busy and something i really love to do. It makes me happy. I spoil myself really. I was on Victoria secret website and was just looking at the body sprays and lotions to see which one i want.They are on sale right now so its a good time to buy. Yesterday got the kids panda express and they where soo happy :D yes i know they are spolied don't judge me. I love spoiling my kiddos.. Well my daughter is about to be 18 in may. WOW has time gone by so fast. I remember like as if it was yesterday i was checking to see if she was breathing when she was a new born because she slept so quietly and she slept the whole night i checked up on her every few mins and checked her chest to make sure she was ok. She was so little. Im not ready for her to be 18. But lord knows its time. She's going to be an adult. But no matter how old she gets she will always be my baby. I told her what did she want for her birthday and she picked that she wanted to go to build a bear. Soo guess thats our next month adventure haha. This whole dating is getting overwhelming. I don't know anymore. I search for my person and ive talked to a guy i was really into but he picked his friends first before he wanted to come over late and wasn't prepared for a late night visit. Everytime he would say he was sorry he should of came over but again he never made the effort so i don't think he was that interstead. I hope he finds what he is looking for. I want everyone to be happy. I want to be happy but im not finding that in anyone at the moment. Im getting tired of looking and want to just give up on the whole dating thing. Idk to be honest. Maybe i should just be alone. I dunno anymore as you get older the harder it is to find someone. Everyone is looking for a friend more then a relationship..Soo it sucks. Well see what happens. i'll keep you all updated. Anyways i think i just talked your ears off. Now that my nails are off i can finally type my blog again. <3 well hope you all have a great day. I promise i'll change the layout soon! but not to soon! laters...

Happy Friday

April 12 2024

My son's been asking for panda express for a few days and im like i dont got nothing to get it with so you will have to wait. But yea he wants a new game the one i bought last week he well beat it once again. Ugh that kid is smart. He sees the doctor next month for his Epilipsy. They said it would go away at 15 and now he is 16 and still has it so i don't think it'll go away and i was talking to him the other day that for having that he is going to have a hard time finding a job and that really sucks. Most places dont hire people that have that. I belong to this group on facebook and most of the time they always get fired cause of that. But hopefully they give him some meds that will help him in the long run..So the fleas are from outside. Everytime my little one goes outside she comes back infested with fleas ugh. I really need to go to the vet and get her some meds so they can stay off of her. The fleas can die soon. Everyday i spray and today i took her a bath to help her out a little cause i know its not very comfortable. Hate that shes going through that and i hate that i keep getting bittin..Anyways i been ok i just havent been sleeping that good lately. last night stayed up till 4am try to go to sleep and still flipped back and forth i don't know how i function today. I left the house this morning to get some stuff from the store. Then when we where on our way back i fell a sleep in the back lol. I was tired and when i got home i went to sleep again but not that long so hopefully tonight will be a restfull night. How is everyone doing? I know i been MIA and i plan on changing the layout soon. Just thinking of what colors next and not really layout blocked but gotta figure out what to come up with next. I just really wanted to support the little girl who was killed in our area and that she gets Justice. Still so close to home..Anyways you all take care and enjoy your April.. May will be here soon and my daughter will be 18 ugh i feel so old now lol.. talk soon!

Happy April

April 4 2024 10:30pm

Well it's been a while. Again have no much to say but wanted to pop in and be like you know what im here. Anyways i need to get my nails done but wondering if i should or just remove them i dunno. This dating world sucks ass.Can't find a decent man anymore and the ones i like are in open relationship or doesnt have time for me ugh. The fleas are back and guess what they are biting the shit out of me. I got some meds for the dog but it supposed to work in about 5 mins and i read online that it takes a full effect with in 24 to 48 hours.Soo that really sucks. But anyways this guy message me for makeup and i was all for it until he said he wanted to learn makeup which i was all for it. But he started saying he was trans which is fine i mean who am i to judge thats not the crazy apart. He didnt even look trans so im not exactly sure if he was or was he lying. He just looked like a normal guy who went fishing. So i mean i would think he would have wore some girls clothes or something. Im sure he was but now days you cant really tell anymore if people are telling the truth. The crazy part was that he said he wanted to start wearing my clothes and that he wanted to have a sex change. So it made feel uneasy. I wasnt Sure where the convorstation was going after that. The whole sex change honestly was none of my bizz I mean thats something Personal between you and your self i really could have just talked to him and been ok if i didnt know that part. And the wearing my clothes was kind of sketchy. We dont have the same body type so i dont know how that would work and i dont think i would feel comfortable about him wearing my clothes. Like i said im sure he is harmless but i felt bad i wanted to help but he just made me feel uneasy. So what i did was just blocked him from sending me messages and i felt some kind of relieve. Anyways i been pretty busy this week. I been helping my mom fix the printer and i fixed the house phone cause that wasnt working ugh..Well gonna go shower and then work on some 88x31 buttons for the site. Talk soon!

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