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Hey whats up? Welcome to my Site. There is tons of stuff for you to use and Always remember to give me Credit. This is Also my Blog where I can talk about life, depression, IBS, Tremors and Anxiety, Nerves and mental help. No one is perfect as i struggle with life and dealing with things that I wish no one had. But here I am trying to be Strong. I Struggle But i am me..


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The Name is Karmen. I am 40 Years old. I am a Mother of 2 Amazing Children who are my world. I been Single for the past 3 years now. I struggle alot with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks,ibs and ofcourse living with Tremors. Something i really love is Pigs,pugs and hippos. I also love pizza and chocolate but allergic to milk. I can be Shy but yet very outspoken. I am truthful, kind and a heart of gold. I can get along with anyone and very easy to get along with. How ever if you are mean to me or to my family i also can bite back and also be very sarcastic. I love to laugh, be outside and playing with my animals. When bored i am either watching a movie, tv show or playing ACNH..I love to learn new things and be creative and work on my website. I really enjoy creating stuff..:)

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Aug 2022

08 - Chemo ofr dad
09 Doctors for dad

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Blah, I been sick a week already

8/9/2022 - 8:51pm Listing to Music

hey whats up? well i been sick all week with a annoying cold. So trying to get better so i can be back. Need top work on this one and add some stuff like new stuff and then go on from there. I wanna do more tutorials so that there is easy way to learn. But im trying to get better and i been in bed with my doggy just resting cause my head is pounding. anyways im doing ok ya'll thank you for those asking about me. it Helps me get better. So thank you. Talk soon!!

We got a new hostee

aug 4, 2022 - eating chicken

My friend took some screen shots of what was said and its ok guys it dont really matter anymore. thank you to Michelle for standing up to the Witch clearly im not gonna sit here and post screen shots cause honestly who has time for that? surely not me. honestly i just think its funny now. oh well it is what it is. she wants to keep the keep the post let her. That shows she loves me. anyways...She makes herself look good cause she post please and that was the wrong cbox LOL and wrong URL. by her giving my link out is good enough cause i get alot of hits so thanks Witch for the love..

Anyways i don't know what is up with the sun lol its 104 outside and i went out there and it made me feel sluggish so not sure why i feel that way.. debating if i should get some PINK items lol today is like 5 dollar day. Tomorrow is tax free so i wanna get out the house and do stuff. But helping my mom with her puppies and there so darn cute. im gonna try and take a video and by next week im going to try and upload a video of the new pups and put it on youtube. i'll blog again tomorrow or the next day. anyways going to go finish my food, nap and watch youtube.. talk soon!

Happy Aug

aug 2 2022 - 6:08pm - listening to music

Not much is going on.I have to put all the pages in their own little folder but feeling to lazy to do it right now. My mom got 3 blue heelers.. they are so cute.. i think they are like 6 weeks old. 1 girl and 2 are boys..

I was gone all day and im tired might take a nap in a few. im that tired.. anyways i hope all you good people have a gr8t week! Im still alive and not going anywhere who would of thought id still be here today.. still paying and i'll be here just to annoy the haters a little more just cause..<3 talk soon!!