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Hey whats up? Welcome to my Site. There is tons of stuff for you to use and Always remember to give me Credit. This is Also my Blog where I can talk about life, depression, IBS, Tremors and Anxiety, Nerves and mental help. No one is perfect as i struggle with life and dealing with things that I wish no one had. But here I am trying to be Strong. I Struggle But i am me..


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The Name is Karmen. I am 40 Years old. I am a Mother of 2 Amazing Children who are my world. I been Single for the past 5 years now. I struggle alot with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks,ibs and ofcourse living with Tremors. Something i really love is Pigs,pugs and hippos. I also love pizza and chocolate but allergic to milk. I can be Shy but yet very outspoken. I am truthful, kind and a heart of gold. I can get along with anyone and very easy to get along with. How ever if you are mean to me or to my family i also can bite back and also be very sarcastic. I love to laugh, be outside and playing with my animals. When bored i am either watching a movie, tv show or playing ACNH..I love to learn new things and be creative and work on my website. I really enjoy creating stuff..:)

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Blog Challenges

Blog challenges are a major trend right now. Many bloggers are trying them out because they motivate them to write frequently and give them something to actually write about. If you are thinking of starting one yourself, I’ve come up with some ideas for thirty-day challenges. Some are for the casual blogger looking to have a little fun, and others are more for your deep, analytical bloggers. Good luck!

Broad Topics

Every day of this challenge focuses on a single, very broad topic. Any type of blogger or designer could follow this challenge because you can work with the subject in any way that fits your style.

01. Love
02. Hate
03. Art
04. Family
05. Dreams
06. Books
07. Fate
08. School
09. Movies
10. Happiness
11. Loneliness
12. Time
13. Style
14. Nature
15. Fun
16. Friendship
17. Television
18. The Past
19. The Future
20. Music
21.The World
22. Beauty
23. Health
24. The Internet
25. Fantasy
26. Passion
27. Reality
28. YOU

Photo Blog

This challenge is designed for bloggers who love photography and take plenty of pictures. Each day requires a new picture, so only pick this one if you’re passionate about photography.

01. Most recent photo of you
02. Your favorite food
03. What you ate last night
04. Your room
05. A happy memory
06. Cliche mirror shot
07. Something on your wall
08. Something from your childhood
09. Showcase your favorite color
10. Your best smile
11. Oldest photo of you
12. Your closest family member
13. Your favorite shoes
14. Your most prized possession
15. Your usual workspace
16. Something in your backyard
17. Most embarrassing photo
18. View out your window
19. What you ate for breakfast
20. Your least favorite picture
21. Your pet (or any animal)
22. Your closest friend
23. What you wore today
24. The contents of your purse/bag
25. Your favorite hangout
26. A photo showing action
27. A night scene
28. Your goofiest expression
29. Something black and white
30. Your favorite picture ever

Resource/Graphic Site

If your blogs are mostly site-related and you want to improve your skills as a designer, you may want to consider this challenge. I’ve included several, common types of graphics and resources for the themes, but you may come across one that you do not offer on your site. I strongly encourage you to at least give it a shot. If you don’t want to, just replace it with something you do offer.

01. Create something colorful
02. Tutorial
03. Doodle something
04. Create something cute
05. Go retro
06. Try pixeling!
07. Use stock photography
08. Try vectoring!
09. Incorporate stripes
10. Update your least favorite area
11. Create something inspired by music
12. Try something new!
13. Be humorous
14. Icons
15. Create something dark
16. Incorporate polka dots
17. Something inspired by TV/movies
18. Redesign an old graphic
19. Your choice :)
20. Go wild (incorporate animals)!
21. Use HTML/CSS
22. Use only your own resources
23. Work with gradients
24. Create a blend of images
25. Retouch an image
26. Incorporate your favorite quote
27. Make something for a friend
28. Finish an unfinished design
29. Update your favorite area
30. Showcase your style

Hope these are fun for you to Challenge your self.