website Tips

Here is come ideas:
1.Before you start a site:
If you don't know how to make a layout don't worry there are plenty of people inculding myself that have free layouts. Always remember to give credit if you use anyones layout that they put hard work into. So don't make a website based on layouts when you don't know nothing about.
2.Pick a Good name:
For example you could pick. Strawberry Dream could be a hit you just don't know but pick something that other people can remember to always vist your site. make it easy to remember and hard to forget. But now days people just save to favorites so they can go back so it doesn't really matter what you name your site. Just be Orignal and be creative.
3. Get connected with other site owners.
Okay, some people call this "making friends," but I prefer "making connections." It makes it sound more realistic (and a bit fancier, too ;P). There will be plenty of sites like yours in the same situation. Find ones that will help promote you through affiliation or recommendation, and do the same for them. You'll also have people that you can go to for help if you're having an issue.
4.Be professional
Typing correctly is a big part of this. I fully understand that not everyone is a grammar and spelling expert, but at least attempt to make things look and sound right. Use complete sentences with punctuation and capitalization. If you don't know how to spell a word, there are plenty of online dictionaries that you can easily check. Try to type out actual words, also. Avoid "u," "dat," or anything else similar to those. It's not that difficult to type out two more letters than what you typically would. I, personally, never use any inappropriate words on my site. Ever. It's very unprofessional to throw the F-word into everything you write, and a lot of people are offended by it. There's no need to threaten people who take your credit off at the top of every page or do anything else of the sort. It's not any more effective than a simple "Do no take my credit off." If someone believes that you'll actually hunt them down, they need help
5.Be nice and help other people
There is absolutely no reason for you to ignore any emails, messages, or comments you receive (unless it's spam). If you don't have time, you shouldn't have a site. Very rarely do I not respond to something, and my site is obviously much bigger than yours will be when you first start off. Some questions can be really irritating, but it's part of your duty as a site owner to answer them. Try your best not to be rude, either. Making a visitor feel stupid isn't a fantastic idea. There are even polite responses to hatemail. Just say something along the links of "That's your opinion, and I respect it. Please try to keep rude comments to yourself, though." Just block them if they get out of hand. Cussing someone out gets you nowhere.
6.Update whenever possible
People like updates. You don't have to make them every day, but putting something up at least once a week or so is a good idea. If you're too lazy or don't have time, (once again) you probably shouldn't have a site. Even if you don't add any content, let people know you're alive and how things are going.
7. Don't steal anything from anyone.
Don't take anything from anybody's site that isn't meant to be redistributed. Layouts, stylesheets, graphics, etc. - Stay away! It's just really rude (and possibly illegal). Gaining from someone else's efforts is unfair. Things that are meant to be used are a different story. That brings me to my next tip.
You don't need to add to every damn page to credit someone. Credit them on the credits page where credit is supposed to be and if someone tells you other wise you don't need to be tacky. credit is required but you don't need it all over your page either. Just remember that you are in charge of your site, you pay for it you should have a choice on where to put it and don't let anyone bring you down. Use the credit on the credits page where it looks nice.
9.Don't type
LiKe ThIs lol this is the most common thing now or it was back in the day. How ever i know not everyone does that but it is annoying..Looks tacky.
10.Don't harass
Please keep it adult ish if you see someone that didn't credit you, calmly go visit the credits page and if not than email that person and ask them to put a link on their credits page because the item they have was stolen. How ever some people forget so don't get mad. Keep it Professional and don't call people names because thats not the way to go.