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Hey whats up? Welcome to my Site. There is tons of stuff for you to use and Always remember to give me Credit. This is Also my Blog where I can talk about life, depression, IBS, Tremors and Anxiety, Nerves and mental help. No one is perfect as i struggle with life and dealing with things that I wish no one had. But here I am trying to be Strong. I Struggle But i am me..


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The Name is Karmen. I am 40 Years old. I am a Mother of 2 Amazing Children who are my world. I been Single for the past 5 years now. I struggle alot with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks,ibs and ofcourse living with Tremors. Something i really love is Pigs,pugs and hippos. I also love pizza and chocolate but allergic to milk. I can be Shy but yet very outspoken. I am truthful, kind and a heart of gold. I can get along with anyone and very easy to get along with. How ever if you are mean to me or to my family i also can bite back and also be very sarcastic. I love to laugh, be outside and playing with my animals. When bored i am either watching a movie, tv show or playing ACNH..I love to learn new things and be creative and work on my website. I really enjoy creating stuff..:)

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Color Links

If you use Link back

This is only for the links that you want to change for this kind:
The Link
How ever you can do it any how you want to but this is how i have learned and wanted to share how i do it.

Text-decoration you can use:
text-decoration: underline overline dotted red;
text-decoration: underline wavy blue 5px;
text-decoration: overline;
text-decoration: line-through;
text-decoration: underline;
text-decoration: underline overline;
letter-spacing: is if you want to space out your letters to look different. The only way to use it, is to mess with the numbers and that way you get an idea of what the numbers do when you go from -1 to just 1 or 2. be creative.
Margin and padding are how u want each words to be moved apart. mess around with it and you will get the idea of it.
for the hover you can really use a back background if you want, might look funky and now how you want it this is just going to work for all your main links that don't have anything special to them.. just simple links.
If this has helped you in anyway, link back!