Smile Im still here :)


I remember that time when someone said they'll take me down and guess what im still HERE LOL. Makes me giggle.I Lol the other day cause she put the same exact layout up last year and no one notices it. I mean its a good layout but make something different im use to seeing her site have different looks. Thats all im saying.. hahaha
I watched "Dahmer" and wow what a movie the guy that played Dahmer omg played the best role he needs an award and needs to be notice same thing with the actor the one that lived next door to him the women wow what a good actor she sounded exactly like the real lady. It is worth a watch. The real types come out oct 7 so i cant wait to watch that. People where complaining about how he should of never had a story put out about him but you just don't know someones heart. He kept trying to come out that he was gay, he tried to tell his parents he wasn't right but they ignored him. He knew he wasn't crazy he knew he did what he did and gave his life to Jesus. I don't know if i could forgive him for what he did to those men and then the grusome things he did and then eat them and yet it was gross but i dunno he had a sick mind. Crazy.

Took the kids to get some DQ but the hamburgers had no flavor and im all about flavor the only thing that was good was the ice cream.. But i was wondering why i paid $11 for my kids meal, they ordered chicken strips and it use to be $9 a couple of weeks ago well i got there today and for the meal its $11.49 im like no wonder it was expensive that was insame how u cant eat anynmore like you use to. Thats crazy!
Crazy is my mane word today LOL..
Lets see went to the grocerys and got some stuff, ofcourse the kids wanted everyting mom can i get this lol.. Im glad they are eating but they sure are expensive. anyways everythings still good. My dad's still doing chemo and having to take him to the doctor is tireing ya know. its alot to take in. Anyways We got that going on and then tomorrow im not gonna be one happy camper cause im taking 4 teeth out so i'll be there for a while.. anyways i will talk soon. wanted to make this bigger cause it was way to small.. Hope everyone is doing ok! <3

It's been a while

9/19/22 5:58am

hey how you all doing? I hope everyone is doing good. I havent been wanting to blog and i been thinking of a new layout to make but don't know where to start i got the way i want it but to put it all together is going to take me a while. Im so what getting tired of this look and wanting something new. But i don't know yet. I have so many pages and it'll probably take me a while to put everything together so i might start putting something together i just really haven't been wanting to be on here just been pretty lazt and the depression doesn't really help most most of the time im like blah. anyways i don't got much to say for this week. Just that the months are going by quick and im like wow. Gonna get teeth pulled out on the 29th. Not looking forward to it but looking forward to getting it done. Yesterday went to the flea market and the heat was bad and my tremors are triggered by the heat and got so bad yesterday that i came home and slept. It makes me tired so tired that i couldn't stay awake and had to push myself to shower before bed but getting up was so hard. Anyways i ended up showering and then talked to my son before bed and then im like alright time for bed cause im off to bed lol. I was super tired. I know tremors are triggered by the heat but i also know they are from stress, nerve system and everyday no matter what i do i still have them so they seem to get at its worse when the heat is so bad. But as soon as i get up they are bad but im trying to live my best life even with it, its hard sometimes honestly. I really need to go see a doc for it. I hear some people do DBS and i wanna say that it has to do with them putting something in your brain and heard that its helped some people but that makes me scared they would have to shave a part of my hair. I don't think i wanna go through that, it scares me. it's like how would i know that it would work for me? ya know. Right now its bad this morning, its like i tell it to push a certian letter and it does it on its own to make me misspell words. It's not like it use to be where i didn't have this issue. So sorry if there is some words that don't make sense. Im trying. Anyways i don't want to put up a halloween layout until its october..So well do that later..well gotta take the kids to school talk soon!!

Day off


Hey whats up? its been a few days since i blogged. I moved the bed the other way so the dog can look out the window at night and during the day. Shes taking care of her room lol. I took her into the store the other day and i thought for sure she was going to bark and no she did really good im so proud of her. She is my support animal. So whats been going on well my mom wanted to go to best buy and she got her first pair of airpods but i laughed cause she called them earpods LOL and im like no mom they are called airpods lol. Anyways she said i had to go with her so she wouldn't say the wrong thing lol. so I did anyways she bought some for my son. My daughter has them and so do i. My mom said i just hope they don't hurt my ears and i said no they don't hurt at all cause i thought the same thing at first and it wasn't the same as the ones that have wires. Im still gonna go back and get me a pair of earphones from apple with the wire just to keep them on hand because i like to use it on smule to sing. anyways when my son open the box he was like ahhhh LOL... He was so happy to get some..

It's been pretty quiet lately no one has really bother me and i been staying away i need to declutter my makeup paletts cause i have over 100 palettes i get rid of some and then i buy more. I went to the store and i almost bought the too faced peach palette cause the one i have is used but i found out it was like $29.99 which is amazing price to achually get it but i didn't want to spluge cause im trying to save money or incase the kids want crumbl we been almost going every week after school to go get some lol. This week we didn't go. We gotta go to sams tomorrow and get some stuff and i love there pizza, its so good.. anyways i just wanted to blog since i haven't really sat here and blogged. I really hope you all have a fantastic day.. <3 talk soon!