It's Almost Halloween ya'll

10/27/21 - 9:03pm - Listing to Mariah Carey

Hey yo whats up? wow can't belive that in a couple of days it will be halloween. My teenagers want to go trick or treating so i might just take them a little or just might take them to get a shit load of candy so they can say they went lol. they want to do something fun but don't have much planned its just that this pandemic and who wants to give out candy i hope we find something to do for them so they can have a little fun. afther all its more for them then anything. I honestly didnt stop trick or treating till i was 19 lol i know i was a big kid lol :P.. Still a kid at heart now that im older. Nothing much has been going on. i just really need to get a computer chair to be on the computer longer lol. i can't stand long cause this chair sucks. anyways my son woke me up at 2am and told me there where auts in his room so what he did was spray down his whole room with a spray can and then me and mom couldnt get sleep after all that happen cause the smell got to us. im like we got animals in the house you can't be doing that buddy. needless to say he got in trouble and he said he was sorry. I don't really like to get after them i know its hard being a parent sometimes. But i try and they are both spoiled lol. anyways i got a new Sugarlace. Please check out all my Affies they do a Damn good job on there site and big shout out to all of them..<3 love ya'll.. tty soon~~

Whats new? whats going on. lets blog!

10/15/21 - 7:27pm

hey whats up? so trying to update pineapple dream with more movies as we go but i might have to go and make a wordpress and see how it goes using that cause manually its going like alot of work. what do you think? i guess i need to decide what i need to do and save the files incase it doesnt work out.
Today we had a good day, took my mom out to eat and went shopping a little and also went and did pick up a few things at the grocerys to make something here for the fam.. It was a good day. Finally looks like a cold front is coming in tomorrow. I really hope that it stays cool cause im tired of wearing shorts at this momement. I bought some jeans and ready to wear them hehe. So all week was pretty slow. Im doind a food soak now. I need to get a foot thingie where i can start doing my feet at home or just try to go and do a medi, pedi at the nail salon. Watching a movie now. But anyways i guess thats all i am going to type today. talk soon!!

Whats up?

7:41pm - Oct 8,21

Well the CPS didnt work out it wasnt what i wanted and plus it was gonna run into more money when my money goes all to my kids. They want this and that lol. Starbucks and outside food ok the outside food is my fault cause i dont want to cook. Then ofcourse they want Disney plus, hulu and whatever else they ask me for. Oh and not to mention i pay subscription for me and my son for apple music and if my daughter finds out shes gonna want it to which i probably well later. but nothings going on. the only exciting thing coming is halloween and tomorrow gonna go yard saleing my most favorite thing to do. We had a flat well not a fully flat about a week ago or two weeks we couldnt go anywhere cause of our flat tire will they fixed the tire and today i guess they didnt do a good job it started leaking air again scary. So we stopped at walmart and they put the spare back on. The tires are gonna cost some money though. You talk about alot cause my parents recemtly got a new truck and the tires are very expensive for that kind of truck.. well god willing we have the means to get them. since its a new truck it should of came with better tires lol.. we probably ran over a nail or something. alright well im back im not moving my site again.. ugh tell me its bad idea next time lol jk.. talk soon! NEW Layout..

Might Move to my own VPS

Oct 02,2021

hey whats up? so i might move back to having a vps. I took it off for a while but i want it back. I wont move till the following week. No sites will be earsed its just a move to my own server and get everything back up and it wont take me a long time either. Im pretty fast when it comes to things like that lol...
Im doing ok just been the same medication but if i dont eat 360 calories it makes me sick pretty fast. Which i really hate to be honest.
Watching the Gabby Pitito Murder. What a twist in what the cops did when they stopped them and then the man hunt they are looking for that guy who killed her. I hope they catch him soon. I dunno its just so sad to hear and so sad to see them when they got stopped by the cops. ttysoon