Hey whats up?

11/28/21 - 8:12am Watching TV while putting makeup on.

Drawing eyebrows in check lol. Countour done.Ahh i really love makeup. I have stopped after 100 palettes i think i have about 50 plus palettes. I collect Makeup its just something i really enjoy collecting. I have a 100 brushes and maybe more. When i go to the store i buy like alot of eyeliner so i dont run out.
Thanksgiving was good. We eat alot and i got sick for the day. I eat something that i eat im alergic to. Red meat is a no for me and anything red meat is a no for me. So it made me super sick. i'll stick to the easy stuff. Maybe i should go full on vegan im thinking about it. Just because everything makes me sick..im so sick of feeling this way..
dating still is hard and i still hold on to hope because you just never know when my forever will show up to show me the world. The other guy stop texting i dunno what it is and when someone gives up i to give up. You keep trying i try harder. I need someone dont wont give up even when it gets hard. Well we will see who comes up next. im gonna get going gotta finish getting ready and head out go shopping or something im bored.. talk to you all soon!

Feeding the poor, and who ever else for thanksgiving

11/22/21 - 12:04pm watching tv

hey whats up so i am gonna be feeding the poor and who ever else comes to the church. Hopefully my anxeity doesnt get the best of me. I want to be at the best in helping where help is needed. Im trying me best to be a good human being and do things that need to be done and helping.. So thats whats going on today..
Well i found my pug a home because i couldnt take care of her due to my mental health not being so great. She needed a home to where she could be around little kids and that she went to a home full of kids who will love her and play with her. After all she came from a day care and would play with all the kids so she really needed that. I miss her but i hate that i was feeling the way i did and the stress i was feeling. So for right now no dogs for me. I still have 3 dogs that still love me, but they are everyones dogs not just mine. Those are the ones i have to foucs on. They mostly stay outside to take care of the yard but i go out there and play with them from time to time. I bring one of my dogs toys and as soon as she sees me come up the drive way she reminds me of a little girl that brings her toy with her everywhere she goes and thats her as soon as she sees me she brings her toy and doesnt let go lol. Shes older but i think its so cute that she does that...
I am thinking of going on haitus for a couple of months. But i dunno like i blog alot to help me get through the day. I may still do that but go on haitus i dont know yet for sure. Im getting tired of Preppy layouts i feel like theres no creative away to put things at anymore. So i may come up with a whole new look or a whole new idea. Well see what happens are what i decide. Well talk soon!

We Got a Hamster..

11/17/21 - 9:16pm

So we got a new hamster in the family. Got it for my daughter and ended up not wanting it after all and guess where it ended up at, um yea in my room. Its ok gave him a name and now hes happy in his new cage. I put him in his ball today and he ran just about all over the house and the pets where just looking at him lol. I put him back in the cage after that and he decide that he wanted to run more so he got on his wheel. hes so cute though. When i get a good picture of him i'll post one. I just been so busy going to get everything for the Thanksgiving dinner well not everything but we are gonna get the turket tomorrow and i went on a cleaning sprey i had to get in the bathroom and really deep clean it. I still need to mop in there but for the most part its clean and it smells better. Sharing bathroom with teenagers who dont want to help. So theres that. Well im also dying my hair back to blonde. Its been probaly been a month since i dyed it. I been doing ok better I dont know why but shopping makes me happy when im out there just being me and stuff im happy when im at home im unhappy i mean im happy but its different. The depression doesnt seem to get better at all. I mean after all the things i been through like lets start off with one thing i can tell you is i been stalked when i was around 15 when i knew this boy who was all in love with me after i broke up with him he started to stalk me and even tried to break into my house and at one time he was at my window staring at me. When i think about those times i was so scared i even had to call the cops a few times because he wouldn't stop. I was scared that he might of want to harm me. The stalking didnt stop till i was 19. Which Evem then a cop told me that i could beat the shit out of him and gave me all his information incase of something i dont know why back then i didnt try to get something on him but because i was scared for my life. I was just a kid like in what mind does a teenage kid get. I even heard of storys of him looking at his sister while she was showering i mean he had some really bad habits. The sad thing is friends of mind would tell him exactly where i lived in then i couldnt tell them what he did because i dont think they would have belived me he was just lost now i know but as a kid i didnt know at the time. I dunno look into your kids lifes. Stalking was serious i think since he came from a broken home plus he was adopted i dont know if that had anything to do with it. Not that im making excuses for him because im not its just now that i think about it. No telling what kind of life style he had before he met me. I can tell you i was pretty scared at that age.Now as an adult i got things that can protect me if someone at this age stalked me. being pretty is not easy lol jk. no but thats one of depressions thats got me this way. Kinda always look around everywhere i go. couple of years ago i looked him up on FB and he was there with 4 kids and always in trouble thank god he lives somewhere else in another area part of Texas but he is about 4 hours from where i live. Anyways i thought id share that with you today.. It's hard to see with out my glasses. I need to get back to working on Pineapple Dream. I just really been not wanting to get online just cause of playing AVNH and just been busy with all these animals and kids lol. well talk soon gonna get this stuff outta my hair.. talk soon!


11/11/21 - 9:44pm

hey whats up? so today i talked to a new friend who is going through depression and just needed to talk to someone. If you know someone who just needs a friend talk to them because you just dont know what they might be going through. So this person told me they where married but got seprated do to the depression getting in the way but his ex doesnt want to get no help. If you seem things that you never gone through its ok to check and see where your mental health is. Someone told me one time to talk to someone and i never wanted to, to me it sounded silly to talk to someone about what you are going through. Now its better now because i have support from my mom who checks on me daily along with my kids who are always talking to me but sometimes its not that easy to go out there and talk to someone. You gotta do it for your sake to be in a better place for your own mind. I been dealing with ear pain again not so fun. I am thinking its this weather again.Havent really wanting to get on the internet lately because of ACNH lol. Been playing the DLC and designing homes for the villgers and its fun. I did about 30 homes and DJ KK he is like the celebrity of the game he came out in a boat and sang sounded like rap it was amazing if i can get a video up on it i will. For now im just going to go check my email and then head to go lay down and relax talk to friends and then play ACNH. Talk to you guys soon!

You Say.

11/08/21 - 7:34am

How are we liking this new time? I am glad its back because its slow and im not always in a rush to do things. Like run to the store to get snacks for the kids. I went and bought my son new shoes and my daughter she didnt want new ones, so but christmas is coming soon. My son wants Jordans im like its gonna be an expensive christmas trying to save as much as i can this year so that they can have a good one.
My daughter wants a VR but im up in the air about it. Just the way my Bestfriend expained it to me so i dont know about it yet.
How ever its been a slow weekend. We went to check out the Flea market which we havent done in awhile. If you must know i use to Own a shop at the flea market and i so miss it because i met so many people from everywhere and i had fun while doing it. Would love to go back and probably will soon.
My daughter is quit and Artist i am Proud so we might do something like that where she draws people or sales pictures of her work..
I dont want to put her work on here cause i know people will steal her work. Which im pretty sure she probably has her work out there cause she has been online and sold some work of hers so she has her little work for her. Something to earn money for her self. She's only 15. People think shes older cause shes Very tall i think shes taller then i am. I am just Proud of her like i can sit her and rave how Awesome and Amazing she is.
My son can draw if he puts his mind to it but it wouldnt be something he can sit there and do all the time. But he is awesome little guy who says these huge words and your like do you even know what that means lol and hes like YUP. I love how smart they both are. They keep this mama laughing all the time.
I asked my son was he ok if i dated and hes like i dunno lol. Im gonna do it anyways but he just wants to make sure this person is nice which im sure he is. I want to go on a few dates and see where things go. Im at this point in life if it works it works and if it doesnt then there are plenty of guys out there. Well see.
Sometimes you have to wait on God when its his time and not our own because we might be in a rush but hes not. I just dont want to be alone anymore. I want to be loved and depend on someone who is willing to take care of me and my kids and i know i will be ok.
My parents are getting older and I look at my aunt who has nobody and she lives with friends who she doesnt even want to be there but she has no where to go. Theres no man in her life. Shes older but i can see how unhappy she must feel not to depend on anyone and i dont want to fall under that. I dont want to be somewhere im stuck to be or unhappy but thats not why i want to be with someone i just want to be happy. I bet once i find someone i probably will stop blogging.
I dont want to but sometimes it happens. I want to keep blogging because i want to keep putting my thoughts in and things that i been through i want people to read about why i feel the way i feel. Because i want no one to have to go through what i been through. right now its positive things.
But im gonna get going oh i should tell you what happen yesterday. I took my mom out to eat at Sonic it's a food place and I asked the guy for ranch and he didnt even bring it and he didnt give me my change back. it was 20cents but still. He never retrurned my ranch and when he walked by he ignored us. Oh and a lady almost got hit. It was a crazy Monday. I dont know what people where out like it was Friday. Anyways im gonna get going. Have to get to the store. talk soon!

Can't sleep..

11/06/21 - 12:37AM

I been playing ACNH trying all new things that it has to offer after all the updates. Soooooo i met someone that i found out we have things in common so will see where it goes. First we have to meet and go on a date. The only thing is that he lives about an hour away from me. But i think he is willing to drive. I got brownie points because i am Always about Family. If you saw me and meet me i am always either with family and my kids. I take care of my mom alot and i am always with her. So thats the kind of person i am. Family is the most important thing in life. When i was away for awhile i missed my mom and dad alot because we are so close to each other that it made things hard. When your in a different state and you only have to depend on yourself and the other person its hard not to have family around. so its important to have family around. I mean don't get me wrong it waS nice when i lived in Hawaii for a month but then i went on to PA and the snow was nice but i missed Texas. It was way to cold in PA and very humid in HaWAII. i loved hawaii it was quit nice but very expensive when they know you are not from there they want to charge you high prices but it was nice to go to the beach every single day. Anyways well get to talking about Hawaii more in my post. i guess i just needed to blog for the night. Someone is texting me FINALLY lol he probably was busy. but well talk again soon!

Its cold and looks like rain is going to come down.

11/03/21 - 11:26am

I re did my links and removed some stuff around. I think all codes are going to look the same no matter if you type them up, If you learned a certian way on someones website. Might not be an awesome coder but you learned because of their tutorials. So theres no wrong way or right way to address it.
I had a gre8t night sleep so good cause of the weather. It was quiet nice the only one that came in the room was my son who made me laugh until i couldn't laugh anymore lol. Boys are something else. I love my kids. for Halloween they both made some cupcakes and made me quit a few to eat but sadly i can't eat so many so i asked them if they could save me the rest. The cupcakes where really good i was pretty impressed with there cooking skills are coming along just great. Teaching them to cook is probably the best thing for them to learn so that when they are older they wont have to depend on nobody to cook them anything they can wake up and if there hungry they can cook themselfs a meal or something. So im glad they are learning in that. As me growing up i never wanted to learn to cook but as an adult i learned on my own by watching cooking shows and i have to say i have made some pretty awesome dishes. im still learning little by little but im getting by. I havemt cook in awhile since i been back home. Ive made a few things here and there but not enough to say i been cooking because i havent really been in the mood. I honestly think its the depression at this point i can't seem to get out of it but i think its going to be there afther everything i been through. So moving along with things. Things have been pretty good lately i couldnt have asked for a better days that yet to come. Dating is up there in the air i was just telling my bestfriend that there is some not my type out there that i dont want to waste peoples time. I have to pickey. at this point it dont matter what a person looks like after all my ex had no teeth and yet no matter what he did wrong. So dating in this thing called life and then the pandemic has really slowed down and its not just me but most of my single friends are also having trouble finding love. But anyways i will keep on talking. Im waiting for the ACNH update which is FRIDAY but i think we get it early on the 4th which is tomorrow i think around 8pm so if you dont see me in a couple of days its because im playing the game and moving my villages around like Pietro he is my favorite. Anyways you guys have a blessed day. Gonna get off of here and do some stuff.. talk soon!!

Thank you to Gumdrops

I made a little Gift for my Affies. Hope you all like it.

I also can't wait for this on friday!

I know 2 post in the same week..

11/02/20 - 8:32am

I just want to say that my last post wasn't a hate post. There is a difference when it comes to a hate post this wasn't it. I get maybe the credit was the wrong way or wasn't put the way she wanted it to be. But the Credit was there. How ever if your going to take her side please do not email me telling me to remove a post. I pay my own hosting bill. I make the website and i put the hard work into it. Even if you think its imature about the post it wasn't it was the truth. Im sorry about your friend. Had she tell me in a different way I might have did things differently But she called me names on top of names. Its the sad truth. The thing of it is that when i edit the code from time to time to change the colors i forgot and removed the credits but the credit was always in the credits part. I get i was wrong for that. But for her to come at me like i was lying i wasn't. I always had her credit on my credits page. The code was removed anyways because i no longer wanted to use her layouts anymore and was planning to work on my own layout. She accused me of stealing which i did not steal her work. I credit her like i always would on my credits page. She contuned to call me names and tell me stuff. Again that was childish for her to act that way on a tagboard how ever she could have emailed me like an adult and tell me in a manner way.But anyways im done with this. Like i said im no longer will use her layouts but again if you look on my credits page she is credit for the codes i used from her site. Nothing more. Now if u want to email me and tell me what a peace of shit i am well please keep that shit to your self. if you want to remove me as a affie because you believe her side fine. I can always tell which are true and wich arnt. I never came in here to make afffies in fact when i made a website it was just to blog...

Changed The Layout

11/01/21 - 10:27pm - Listing to The Cranberries