Just Stop Already!

9:53pm 5/21/22

Well i got my first time hate mail today. For my mental illness im going to step away for a little while. Its hard to express how you feel sometimes because people tend to get into your mind because they want to twist your words.

I would never body shame anyone and the one that said that made that up. Everyone is beautiful no matter if they are ugly on the inside. I see no flaws of anyone and that i can say that i NEVER stoled anyones stylesheet. But when you come through an email and tell me that my site is ugly then my answer is why are you there in the first place? Thank you for the hits though.

When i wrote what i did at the bottom i was upset. No one desrves to be treated in away like you are nobody. How ever Not even "nine" remembers if she did say that are not, theres no proof but the one that remembers is your mental health and your mental health is a serious issue. But "Nine" is not going to come out and say oh yea i did say that. No one comes clean about that issue no one should go say those words out of anger, i could never do that to anyone its scary when you think about it because is that you can't remember cause u don't want to remember? or is it because you did say it don't want to be honest with your viewers? we all make mistakes we were not born to be perfect. I surely have made mistakes and i'll admit it when i do make mistakes. Thats why I never lie on my blog because its my blog. I type what i feel in that moment and i know my actions were wrong and it wasn't for anyone to go be mad at "nine" or Pim about the issue. The issue is that when you tell someone that you are liable and the police should be involed in the issue. It don't matter what anyone says or how old they are its not about an age. Its how one person went on the internet on her blog and wrote about "Pim" and then got people involed and start stalking her and everytime she had a platform to express how she felt there was someone out there watching and getting her site offline for no reason and just being cruel. out in the real world no one is nice they wont cater to you. It wasn't about that theres room for everyone on the internet. It's the fact that the bullying doesn't stop since 2013. I never saw Pim write anything bad about "nine". And if pim said her side of the story you would only believe "nine" or on her side and thats fine no one is telling you otherwise. Why am i involed? why i decided to get involed is because Pim has no platform to express her self and if she does the bullying will come back on her part. It might be between her and her but pim has no contact with nine. So theres that. I know you all hate me because i speak the truth. What if you saw someone getting hurt at the mall, would you be the first to tell the police? would you be involed? what if you saw a kid being abuse by their mother, would you be involed? cause some people would walk away and let it happen. its just like if someone lives next door to you and someone breaks into the house sometimes that person don't want to get involed so they say something like oh i don't know i didnt see anything. But yet you did but don't want to be involed in it. It's stuff you have to think about but sometimes people like that don't think of stuff like i do..

Like today i saw a lady put her child on the street while she was busy in the back of the car and my frist thought was that childs going to get hurt. People don't think they just do it. Think people before you say something before someone gets hurt. Leave this women alone and let her be, if she wants to be on the internet let her be. If she wants to design let her be. Threating and telling people stuff is crazy.

If you don't like what i say then theres a BIG ole X at the top you should know where its at. Exit out. Don't be sending me hate mail cause your bored with a fake email that don't make sense. I don't Need that kind of hate on my email or blog which is why i have no comment thing because i honestly don't care what you think of the things i get into. This persons like ur the one that has no life but yet they emailed me with hate so whos in the wrong there? not me thats for sure. But i'll be taking screen shots not that it'll give proof to anyone because people can change shit up. But eventally since its on my email and it was forward to a couple of friends they all know the truth. It's nasty and hateful but i wont let you steal my joy.. This will be the last time i type up a blog about bullying yall are so invested with nine that nine took her time to make a whole page about pim and your ok with that. She said she would never remove that page, she would never be this persons friend which is fine but why keep the page up. That was childish if you ask me. So when your out in the real world were u don't have your online friends with you. Im pretty sure you are different person in person. but who am i to judge.

Pim is really nice, and has never been rude to me. People emailed me and warned me i didn't really need to know. Let me be friends with who ever and decide who to be friends with. Im a big ole girl who can handle anything and i don't get mad over silly stuff. I let go and let god. but thats all tonight going to bed. talk soon!!

Telling someone to kill themselves is a No No

1:36PM 5/30/22

How do you really address this? This issue that people do and don't stop? How do you stop this from happening? When will these people Stop. Well i got a couple of emails telling me that "Nine" told someone to kill themselves. Do you think that was the right thing to do, they told them that they didnt want them to exsit and to go kill themselves. I would have never guess that this person would tell someone and this bullying has been going on since 2013. If this person went and killed her self "nine" could be put in jail for man slaughter and not to mention liable for your actions. This should be reported to the police for cyber bulling. I knew a couple people that said she was a "Bitch" but i didnt think she was that liaable to tell someone to kill themselves. I see the problem she talks about mental health in her blog and yet shes the first one to go tell someone to kill themselves. I couldn't be friends with someone who can tell anyone go kill yourself. you don't know who your messing with and i think you need to stop bulling this person.

It's one thing to say something because you hate someone so much. I could never tell people who wrote about me that. Or someone that disliked me i could never go back and say something. "Nine" and "chazz" are not the kind of people you want to be friends with. There is always two sides two a story and i believe that "nine" did tell this person to go kill herselve. The only reason why i believe this is because on her org blog 9daily she wrote about that person with some hate. She wants people to believe shes a good person but shes not. At this point if i was around in 2013 i would of been saying something. you two really need to grow up, like seriously. this is serious. you can't go around telling people this and get away with it. You two are in your 30s and you been harrassing this person since 2013. No it's not ok. I felt so sick to know that "nine" and chazz ruin peoples life and that don't stop. How could you even say that to someone.? Stop lying already. no one believes you anymore. Stop harrassing this person and you know who im talking about. YOU NEED TO STOP!.

Once people find out about you, they are not going to like you for doing those actions. But then again i dunno. I wouldnt even be affies with you id remove you so fast for saying something like that to someone. people have real feelings. it's just makes me wanna cry that they would say such things to this person. its insane that someone could say something like that. STOP harassing this person already. If she wants to make a website leave her alone. If i catch you doing these actions i will report you. This can't keep going on this way..

What a Roller Coaster this Month has been

6:45pm - 5/28/22

I know i said i would blog yesterday and i didn't ofcourse i lied about that one LOL Sarcasticly. Now get ready for the jokes. How ever i honestly was being lazy. I have to take meds for the "Tremours" and they make me sleepy and tired and always yawning is an issue so annoyed with that. Im tired of yawning always and like it don't stop. Then Monday Started i took my allegy shots like i do every monday on my self And i had to do that super early before the "tremours" started. My daughter turned 16 on monday. Took her out to eat at olive garden on Sunday and that was fun just being with the fam.

The week just went pretty fast after that. My daughter had her hair done on Wend and she got one side blonde and one side black, well her hair is black already but she wanted two different colors. That was from my mom it took almost 6 hours to get her hair done omg it was so boring to sit there lol. But as long as my babes was happy. Then i took her to get her nails done another day and she had to get hers replaced. it was expensive i remember when nails cost $20 bucks to have them done and just to do gel color is like $5 in some places. This place i go to do not charge you for colors so i like it there.

See whats else well you all know the "drama" happen again. Theres that.
I ended up with a boil on my leg for 3 days and it finally busted on the 4th day. I doctored it up the best i can and it looks gross but the burning went away and now it feels all itchy and the dog keeps trying to lick it and im like no lol.. Leave it alone. I guess they probably can smell it. Im letting it air out while i blog for the day. After that have to go give kids there meds and myself and then get prepared for the night.
I need another hair cut i dunno if im going to keep this hair short or what but i do want them to shave the side of it because its to much hair and then i want them to dye it two different colors. She suggested that i get dark colors so they would last longer. I org wanted lime green and my daughters like oh and pink mom lol. Im like no i dunno if i wanna go pink. Im game for whatever color really. I had it all different colors before. I think the first color i had was turqoues and that was fun when i started doing all that..

Guess what came out yesterday "stranger things" my teenagers were excited to see that one i finally finsihed it but the rest is coming back july 1st. So i need to find the ending on that one. I don't know why they just didn't put all of it up. Ugh it made me and my son mad at the end. But its good if you haven't seen it, go see it.

So sad about my friend, I have friends that are older then me like in their late 50s and 60s how ever if you didn't know i use own a shop at the flea market for 4 years and those ladys and men that were way older then me became the best friends i'll ever have. One lady was so sweet to me and my kids and i'll never forget her she was my favorite a couple of years ago she passed. During the Covid i couldn't go to see her one last time so that was hard. Well i knew this other family like all her family and got to know her son and his wife and then his wife's mother started to become my friend when id come over id go see her and give her a big hug. She was the most sweetest person.She would give me rings and stuff but i didn't care about those things and then we would have our talks and id laugh and she laugh we were almost like family. I guess in some ways when people are christian they find you during some rough times in life. She had depression and was taking meds for it and then she was a diabetic and had more issues well id say sometimes in Feb she collasped and they called 911 and she landed herself in the hospital and at first there she was getting better but wasn't out of the woods yet and then all of sudden her kidneys not working and other things started not to work and they finally unpluged her yesterday and she died at 5am. Now my mom is telling me that they are going to cremate her and i told my mom so i can't see her to say goodbye. I can't see her one last time, its not fair i just feel like crying. :{ im just not to happy with that desison that they made. Might be cheap but what about the friends she had here in texas who cared for her. I dunno why people do things like that to their family memebers. I don't think i could cremate a family member. I know its not up to me but still..So thats whats honestly going on and how i feel about that.

I think another long post. So sad for the children in uvalde, tx. How crazy when its so close to home. How could this teenager go into a school and no one was around in the office cause sometimes its hard to get into elementrys schools and some how this one was easy. How was it that this 18 year old got a hold of a gun? how come the cops waited around instead of going in to save those children. Were was his parents if he had mental illness? why was their no help for this kid. It's not a gun issue its a kid issue. Please people pay attention to your kids, even when they are sad fina out whats going on. This is why i stay close to my kids and not just cause they are spoiled but they are loved and can talk to me about anything i don't judge. im very out spoken, im open when it comes to them or anyone. I tell the truth and then they tell me the truth. So if they feel some type of way they need to come to me and talk it out. My son will come to my bed and lay their talking to me. its like therepy for him. My daughter is more to her self but i talk to them about everything because they should know.

Anyways thats all im going to say today. I gotta go give meds to everyone so i'll talk to you all soon. Thanks for reading!!

Not to address it or to address it?

8:32pm - 5/26/22

I'm not going to address the person who is talking about me. Because no matter what i say someones going to come on here give her the memo that im talking about her. It wasn't anything bad but it was just because she contacted some of my affies to tell them to be care with me because i lie. Let a person decided on their own terms who they want to believe on who. Its not a game you want to win and think you must be perfect and never made a mistake. I said My apologize in oct of last year and let go of things and then she comes back and starts telling my affies what to do and to believe her instead of me. Which fine and dandy. I don't go around telling her friends not to trust her because she also lies to..She is still blocked from the site and the cbox. She calims that shes no longer block but shes been blocked. Id show you ip address but im not about that life in showing people ips it don't prove anything. She goes through Pravite search to get to my site because her ip is blocked. She lied to you that shes unblocked, shes not. Im wondering how shes going to take my site down. LOL that made me Laugh. Sorry to disapoint you but this sites not going anywhere. If you notice she has to use such ugly curse words to make herself look good. I don't use that kind of language anywhere in my life. No matter how a person makes me mad i still sleep great at night, I still eat and i still Laugh and see at this point im pissing her off and you see that in her post. but shes twisting things around. its alright. The only problem i had with her was because she was telling my affies things that had nothing to do with them. Thats why i was upset. I might of assume things because i really don't know the girl. As for the credits thing. It's funny cause i made the background white and the link white and you couldn't see her credits. But she was always credit. I had to go into my stylesheet and change the link color. But she never gave me the opportunity to explain that to her in fact when i said i did have here credited she went off the deep end and started accusing of stealing. That day I removed her code because i wasn't going to support someone who was going to threating me, accuse of me of stealing. How ever i had decided that i would remove her code and set up my own which took me 3 days to type up the code for this one. Thats just my explaining of that issue but it had nothing to with the credits or stealing it bascally about her going around and telling Affies about not to trust me. Maybe it was one and maybe it was more shes not gonna really tell you the truth on that one in fact how she said "silly Karmen" because she knows im telling the truth. I have no reason to lie. Whats the point.This is my blog whatever i may be feeling i write it down. But thank you "kayla" for the hits.

At this point all i said was to stop going around and warning my affies that has nothing to do with the issue in the first place and its not their drama this is between you and me. I wish her the best, I hope the best for Kaylay i really do i don't want anything bad for anyone. But she keeps saying im harrassing but its not me shes making things up, changing things around to make me look bad. i wouldn't do that to anyone i don't spend ever day typing about her in my blogs. For my mental health and for myself im not going to let someone like her tell me what i should do or i shouldn't do. Shes not the boss of me. Im my own person and i have to protect myself.. But at this moment on this is the last time i'll address this because someones going around telling her things that don't add up.. Im honestly tired of the BS.. Tired of being accuse of lying when all i ever did was tell the truth. No matter how old you are, no matter were you go in life someones always not going to like you. Thats just life. She don't like me and i don't like her and i don't think it be the end of this tell she thinks she will be able to remove my site. "laughing" try me! I like to see that one. This site is staying here until i decided that i no longer want to blog anymore. But not you or anyone is going to make that decision for me.

I'll blog tomorrow about the uvalde tx, whats been going on and other things. This last post above this will end up in the may 22 page so you can go read more on it. But thats tomorrow. So thats all im going to address this and thats how it will stay. I edit it because i don't really need to explain myself anymore as i already said things in the past blogs. anyways take care and i'll be talking to you tomorrow! for sure on whats really going on..<3 thanks for reading!

what a week

5/21/22 - 7:53am

comes to my attention that someonme wants me to remove their youtube videos off my site. why do i need permission your the one getting the hits. and when you click the link it goes right to your profile. If you don't want people using them why upload them to youtube? Why not email me and tell me. i don't know which ones are urs lol.. Anyways my site is just based on things i want other people kinow that they can use youtube for things to learn. I don't see no problem using them. Your getting views, likes and probably people following you. so i dont see the point in removing it.. Im sorry your getting hits. the credits is on the youtube channel..Well see im not going to promise you i will remove it or not. but why upload it on youtube if u cant share the views on your video? you could have emailed me ya know..

Tremors are getting better. The meds seem to be working. I may have still a little shakes here and there but i can finally do my makeup. I gotta get off and finsih getting ready. Going to take my daughter to get her nails replaced and refill for her bday on monday and then on monday were going to go have fun playing games.

Another note if i find some other deco reviews i will remove theirs and put new ones up. I didn't see no harm in using them when that person hadn't been online for 3 years and now all of sudden i just wonder if its the real person that is asking or its someone who is pretending to be that person. I mean it could happen. But im not removing them right now. But if its going to be were your hurt cause you got more views, likes then its not worth it to be honest. I just don't understand why you uploaded on youtube and when youtube has a code to use lol. I honestly think its dumb to be like remove my links. It has your name on it and it says who its from. Its not like i went and took it from you. LOL.. anyone can still go to your profile..well see i don't want to support someone who is like remove my links cause you don't have permission. Don't upload them to youtube then. Anyways talk to you all soon!!

Here We go again. Can't we just get along?

5/19/22 - 9:25am

First lets say whats been going on so i went to the doctor two days ago to find out if i am a diabetic or not and he said i was pre diabetic so i still have to watch what im eating. Oh and he diagnosed me with "tremors as i already knew i had. Should of became a doctor LOL. i been diagnosed myself for a while. I read the things you can get while your on this medication I just hope theres no side effects and it achually helps. The tremors have slowed down and i should be back to normal. I know its not going to work that fast but i can see the difference. This morning i woke up with shaking alot and i took the meds and they seem to be helping it slowed down. So im just greatful that i can finally blog and text again. I hadn't been texting to alot of my friends because the tremors where getting so bad i would fight it but my hands were like nope. So i picked up on some series while i been not on the computer, netflix, paramount and amc and other ones i pay for the kids so they have things to watch..They are waiting for Strangter things to come back on. They love that series. My daughters birthday is next week, i can not believe shes going to be 16. WOW i brought up a smart, young lady. Pretty soon shes going to be learning to drive and taking me everywhere lol..just playing she probably tell me no LOL. i love my kids

Alright i guess we can move on to the drama so my friend yes my friend sent over a screen shot and i saw what kayla wrote. I guess appeartly i am lying and that she should be careful with me. I don't lie this is my blog and i tell the truth. How ever you want to look at it is up to you. But I guess someone going around taking screen shots of my post and as she said on there that she saw i wrote about her. I didn't say anything bad about her. I hoped that we could work this out and let me explain to her what achually happen. I know what i did and i know the credit was there. I am also not perfect by all means. I wish her well. But she keeps bringing up my name to other people saying that we need to grow up. We been grown up. Telling the truth. Why do you gotta sit there and lie to people telling people im lying. Kaylay if you had to act Professional You could have easily discused this about the issue through an email. All of this going to affies an asking them are you friends with me, you sure have alot on your hands if you're going to everyone and asking them if they are. does it really matter? if they are i mean. Were all adults here. Whats between you and i is that. Why are you doing this? whats the point? you hide behind your computer creating more drama then what it is and when i finally open up on what achually happen im lying. Why would i lie on my blog? Enough is Enough you need to stop going around telling people im lieing when the one that has lies is you. I catch you in more lies then anyone. Spreading them to people that don't make sense to me. Let people be friends with who ever. I don't ask my affies oh if your friends with kaylay then i wont be your friend or becareful with her cause she lies. I don't got time to go around and i don't see any point in that because people can be friends with who ever they want to be friends with. Its not your concern the one that needs to grow up is YOU. Stop this nonesense bringing up my name with people that probably don't give a shit. You act like a child, You posted on my cbox like a teenager saying i stoled your stylesheet. No i never claimed i made it, i always had you credit on my credits page and there is screen shot of it back to when this whole thing started. I Keep trying tell you this but you keep saying im lying but im not.The one that looks dumb is you. Making things up in your head because you want to be mean to me for no reason at all. I try to explain to you that i had you credit and you keeped on being rude to me, acting like a fool on the cbox saying lies when there was no need to act that way. You acted like i did something wrong and then you had your friend get in the middle of it and tell me things, i still have the email in my inbox. Telling me the same thing you are. I don't go around telling my friends to tell you anything, its up to them if they want to tell you anything, i can't make people go around and do things they are human and not robots. I don't know were this is going on, or why its happening to me or why you hate me. I don't hate you, i have no hate for anyone really. I just go on with my business and live life. Anyways you really need to grow up at this point. Everything you are doing is childish. Just cause i write about you is because im telling the truth to the ones that read this and they go back to tell you because they want to stir the pot. But achually I think its you that is going through Pravite search to read my blog every chance you get you keep going back and forth. I might just unblock you cause at this point its not working. I mean i don't see anyone going through Pravite search to see what im writing. I don't even sit on this computer that long because of tremors lol. So i see no point in this at all or why you are doing what your doing. STOP already gesh. If you keep telling affies about me or telling them to be careful with that person. Your sure got guts to go around making sure everyone knows it to. Im not the bad person here i actually want you to just email me and not argue but to talk about this problem because it needs to stop and it doesn't look like your going to stop anytime soon.. Kaylay honestly we should really get to the bottom of the issue. I don't want anymore hate im tired of talking about it. Im tired that you go around acting a fool to people for no reason. I've honestly try to be as honest as i can be. I just want you to know that i pray for you. it takes a person strong enough to accept what happen is gone and let it go. Im sorry if i hurt you. Im sorry you let it get the best of you. Im sorry you don't believe that i gave you credit. But i did. Why would i want to steal i know the truth. The credit was there. I removed it because i no longer visit your site, i no longer need to visit there. You might be nice to other people but your sure are not nice to me. You create more drama when nothing is even there anymore. This stylesheet is not yours, i worked my butt off getting the numbers right and making sure everything worked before posting it on here. Yes I learned from your site, But ive seen people in the past make the same exact stylesheets like yours and they all look the same to me. So i mean honestly theres no wrong way or right way at this point. You just want to be right of everything like its ok to make a mistake. Maybe you missunderstood me. Maybe you didn't give me a chance to explain to you how i credit you and you wouldn't let me explain. It hurts when i can't tell my side of my storyl, It hurts cause you say im lying when all i been is truthful on my site about the whole thing. I honestly don't know if you are ever going to email me or talk to me like a normal person. I doubt you will sit there and write and email but yet you got pleny of time to email all my affies when they have nothing to do with any of this. I don't know but you need to stop acting this way and leave people and myself alone already.? I think people feed on drama to be honest like they love it so much and can't get enough of it. I'll keep talking about the issue when my name stops coming out of your mouth. Tell then im so sick of having to explain my self with this drama that kaylay keeps creating. Believe who you want to belive im probably going to have to stop talking about it. Because at this point its annoying me. But if i get anymore emails saying shes talking about it, i'll be posting it. I know what your doing and its not cute hunny. Its childish and you mam need to GTFU... I don't know why people see a pretty face and think oh lets pick on her today, lets make up lies and keep on saying this to make her talk about me. Lets see what she has to say about it. People have way to much time on their hands if they can message every affie i have to make things worse for me. Maybe they think i wont find out. Or like kaylay told my friend she had a big mouth. Thats really rude of you to tell her that. I mean she just wanted me to know what you got my name stuck in your mouth and have no shame to go around. people find out the truth about you. You might be nice and never done anything to other people but i know for sure you are not perfect and probably have your share of mistakes and the lies you tell, you sure have a mind of a child telling stories. Alright that was another long one.

some of these post will be moved to there own folder for may may22.. Because they seem to get bigger when i need to say something. Anyways im going to get off of her and go watch a new series or pick a new series to watch and rest my arms. You guys have a blessed day and don't forget to smile cause things will eventally get better. No one is perfect and all is forgiving. It's almost FRIDAY! this week seem to go by fast again. Talk soon! hopefully not to soon lol. The drama contiunes i guess..

Hope the drama is over..and more just came up

5/13/22 - 4:37pm

OP is going around people like my affies with asking if were friends? I don't think its anyones business if were friends are not. I Don't go around telling people if they are friends with you, what for they are their own person and can decided who to be friends with. Has it really lead up to this? This is beef with me and one person. She claimed i didn't give her credit and she didnt give me a chance to explain to her that she was credit in away were i learned from her site and everything else from her site. So the way i credit her was away were i wanted to credit her for everything and since it wasn't to her starderds she started attacking me for no reason. I couldn't explain to her because she got rude and started calling me names and then she had her little friend email me and told me it was her right to act that way. but why? How old is OP? i should just blast her name on here. ITs not my frist time being on the internet and having to come to my page and harrass me for no reason. She keeps claiming i took her style sheet this one i have on this site, but its not hers. what about the other people back in 2007, 2004 they code the same way as her Were they stealing her stylesheet"? i mean no one owns any rights to coding or how you code. I learned to code from "kayla" site im not a shame to admint it. But shes harrassing my Affies and thats going to far to the point were she wants everyone to believe her. if you go back to my past blogs i think it might be in oct don't take my word on it but there is a post about her and a screen shot that i gave her credit. She attacked me for no reason. She didn't leave no room for me to explain and as soon as i told her something it was like she got madder. I stay honest to my friends and to this blog. I don't think this "kayla" thing will ever be over.She could have easily emailed me but she has not emailed me and its tacky and so unprofessional to type in the cbox about the whole thing. She can email me and ask me and let me explain. i blocked her from the site but seems to me that she going through Pravite search engines and coming through which is fine shes got alot of time on her hands if shes doing that. I blocked her from cbox. I just want to apologize to my affies that has nothing to do with this person and yet the drama keeps going, if you get email im sorry. you have no right to be treated that way. now if you don't want to affies i'll understand. Im not heartless I never claimed the sytlesheet was mine when i used it.I no longer visit this persons site. I have alot on my plate. I help my mom with my dad who has cancer. I don't spend every waking moment to email everyone asking are you friends with Kayla LOL its a waste of time. Whats it matter if that person is friends with me? do you want to tell your side of your stories and lies that i catch you in. Like why would i want to steal your stylesheet. I used them for a little while but i been back after almost 16 years because i got teenagers, I had kids i had to take care of and being a mother for my kids. I didn't have no desktop for the longest time. All i had was my phone. But because i was busy with life other then getting into internet drama with someone who has no life. Yet she keeps attacking me and doesn't stop. Please all i ask is to leave my Affies out of it. It's between you and me. Talk to me, email me talk this out. I don't know nothing about kayla, i don't hate her i dislike what she did and how she acted and lied but i don't hate her i wish she would just leave me alone. She has some kind of hate over me for no reason. I wish her the best. hope we can come to terms through email and leave it out of the public eye. Shes probably made a whole page about me already LOL.. people i dont get them sometimes. I don't know what shes telling my affies or what shes asking them. But arnt you married, don't you have a son to take care of i mean come on. Leave that shit alone already. you mad because i figured you out and the lies you tell. I wasn't born yesterday. were adults lets start acting like one and tell the truth..I could say a whole lot more but what for? leave me along "kaylay" stop attacting my friends for answers. Drop it already. She might be nice and all and im not trying to hate on her, why is your credits page hidden? why isn't there about me page on your site? are you a shame to show us who you really are? seems to me that you had all that when u had cute-lyts. But now its no where to be found. No email to email you or else i would have done that already i wouldn't have to make this so public. What are you hiding from? all i know is your name. I think i seen her on youtube so i know what she looks like. Other then that shes hiding from someone if theres no info about her anywhere. I mean when i go to a site i like to get to know who the owner is are whos behind website who made the website what made you decide to build website what gave you that drive? thats just my opnion.. Im gonna get going my tremours are coming back and theres been days were i can't do simple task and its getting to the point were its getting harder to design and harder to get on the internet. which is why for days i stay away. But my friend texted me and told me yesterday that it came to her attention that kayla message her on facebook asking if she was friends with me. Im like this has gone to far. Kayla is going back to her teenager years and not letting things go. I don't know what to do at this point anymore. But i wish she leave my affies alone. they have noting to do with the drama. You can read all my past blogs about the times i typed up about her and here we are again and the shit still there.. oh well i can't anymore. The internet world is a crule world out there.. Talk soon!

Just wanted to give out to my new subdomain

5/1/22 - listing to music

Hey whats up just wanted to let you all know we got a new member to the family.
Sites not up but coming soon! so excited to see what they come up with <3

2 updates in one day. This is night time now. But im doing Fantastic thanks for asking.

I wanted to come on here and spread Awarness about Mental Health. It's not something you miss with on anyone call the time out in the shit they made a mistake and then be a dumbass and go make a whole page about them on tumblr. You know how stupid it makes you look. Pretty stupid. That means at 18 you still had alot to grow up to. Im guessing you must be in your 30's take that shit down already. Mental health is serious. The person who you are talking about can take you to court and sue you for harrassment and your ass is in trouble. I know your mama didn't teach you to be hateful but then again maybe she did. All those pages need to be delete. Stop your shit already. Grow the fuck up already. 30 years old and making pages about people that you don't know of. Do you even know what depression is? I know this was PS doing. Call your shit out and you don't grow up! One day no one will want to be your friend because of how much shit you make someone fill that much hate makes me sick super sick how can you hate this person so much. You are so hateful Grow up already..Take that shit down already. Who gives a fuck what a person did or didn't do. Grow up, remove it and move on from it.it's that simply. I don't curse at all but this pissed me off i was so disguested how hatedful chaz and PS is. I can't believe how grown up's still have pages still up. I know you want to warn people but the comments i read one DA and people looking for this person over hate you say you can't control it but you do because people follow you. Leave it alone already.
Sites where reported. The one thats a .info i can not report it but i can find out who runs in and get their ip address so be careful what you do and its not a threath. I can get you for harrassing this person. Im not scared. You'll hate me because i call you out! But thats ok i don't really care to be honest. Im here to call people out that act like 13,14 and 15 year olds who are 30 years old already and acting childish. I couldn't belive how much shit i read today. They been reported cause They need to be stopped.

Good News!.. and more

5/1/22 - 7:56am

so Friday we got some good news and thats My dad s chemo is working and stuff he has 3 more treatments to go through and then hes done. im so happy for him. The power of Prayers really work.

In other news, I was going to PS website and i mean blacklist really. Blacklist is for when your 16 and webdesigning. Reminds me of when your watching the show i forgot the name were you make a black book and talk about everyone because you have some kind of hate for one person. Like as if were supposed to be Perfect. First of all PS took the time to make this person feel like shit for her mistakes and made a whole page of her on tumbler now really did you really have to do that? I mean your 30 years old already take that shit down already. So the girl made a mistake who cares. People out there have real problems mental illness and you made a whole page about her and then you have her on blast on your site REALLY dude. act yoour age. Hell yeah i reported your site. You claim this person is coming around starting shit but i don't see her anywhere on there makeing any kind of statement i mean how can she if you are talking shit about one person. Let's grow up here Im not your mama but if your mama saw how hateful you are to this one person she would be a shame. You hate me because i put you in your place and you don't like that. You dislike that i make fun of you because the things you come up with are funny. Im not mad at you i dislike how you start DRAMA with everyone and its like as if these people have no feelings at all. I'm not saying what to put on your website but to make a whole page about someone over hating needs to stop you should be a shame of your self. People make mistakes everyday and they have real problems. How would you feel if you were in her shoes? ask your self that. People don't do things on purpose yea we make mistakes everyday i even make mistakes everyday. I don't consider myself perfect who is perfect anyways? Was the Page need to be? why did you do it? leave this girl alone already grow the fuck up! Even my 15 year old is more mature then you are and that says alot.

I'll eventally come back to this subject but i got to get going so talk to you saoon!