Life is good

May 31 2023

I know its been a while since i last bloged. I been spending time with family and just staying away from my phone and blog. wish there was updates but there really is not much..
So yesterday i comment on this post people asking what to do if an animal comes on your yard to attack you or your pets what to do. Well we live out in the country so bascally you can do what ever likee shoot it, or do something. I love dogs, animals in general i wouldnt want to hurt it but if it comes to me or family and my animals im gonna shoot it. not litterly but id get a bebe gun nd use it either way the owner is respondsable to take care of those animals. how ever what else can u really do anyways one of my so called friends husband said something and i asked what he say and he blocked me and i thought to myself it must of been an ass cause he didnt repeat what he said. for my own peace of mine its properly best to remove them both.. i wish them the best. but them being rude to me is enough thats not the first time either..anyways im over it.. talk soon thought id give you some gossip i know how much u all like to read drama lol.

new rules, not really

May 19 2023

Well its almost my daughters birthday she will be 17. I cant believe it next week is her birthday.. i dont really got much to say these days. Got my son a hair cut that took an hour to get it done cause there was to many people. Went to petalz to get some coffee for everyone. they should really make lemon aid for people that don't drink coffee. thats all we really did. fleeas are bad this year. Gave my dog some meds but they are bad.. anyways hope you like the new layout. sorry decided to change it. im running out of colo ideas lol.. ;) talk soon.

Good Day

May 15 2023

Its been a while its hard to type since i have nails. but i am doing pretty good. Just been busy helping my mom either cooking or gettting stuff prepared. Other then that i been good. this week is the last week for the kids.. yay party time. i got something plan hopefully we can go if not i don't like to make plans cause things come up. But we are going to do something fun.. well just letting you know i been good..
It's hard to believe that as people get older talk and judge people no matter what. If your bullying please stop. Theres been some bullying going around for one of my hostees stop that shit already. if i get your ip i will block you.. The shit needs to stop.. gesh what comes around goes around leave my hostee alone gesh..Ya'll think im playing its serious what you take your big ass mouth get off the damn internet and get a job or a hobby.. be kind to one another..

They removd a little tooth

may 9 2023

They had left a small tooth and they removd it and now it just hurts and hurts.. ugh its the gum thats in pain. anyways im doing good just decided to change the layout hope you all like it! dont really have anything to talk about so ill leave it as that. talk soon!


May 5 2023

Today would have been my cousins birthday he died in 2022 on my birthday. I don't have any memories to share cause we where not that close but may he rip.
Today was hectic woke up at 7am got things done and bought some shorts. I am thinking about getting an ipad for watching movies only. Like i just have that kind of money running around lol i have to save though. thinking of getting my son either laptop or ipad. something he can use for games and homework. will see i'll look around. im doing good just been busy today. waiting on my temu order lol got a shit load of stickers. im looking for people to write to each other. if your interstead shoot me a email.. talk soon