Lisiting to Linkin Park

3/27/22 - 8:50pm

So im learning this right now.

Ive seen people use this like in 2012 2013 some where around there and im learning to see what it does and whats it supposed to do and there is alot to read up on it.

My tremours are back to them changing my meds on me and see how this one works. So hopefully it gets better or else its going to be hard to blog again. Im trying my best so why not pick up on how to learn that code and what it does and how to use it. While i can't type that much.. Talk soon!!

Hope it's over with and some new updates..

4:41pm - 3/20/22 Watching tv

I hope the whole drama has passed on and no one is bothering anyone. Hope my post was a break through. Honestly can we just be kind to each other for once. No matter what happen.

Just seen some old friends that are coming to build a deck around the house so we have somewhere to be at night with the dogs and just sit outside instead of being inside all the time watching tv or blogging lol..

Ok my dad helped me build a basketball goal yesterday. Wasn't expecting him to do anything but he helped and Last night he was having pain and I told my mom to take him to the ER but he refused to go and i said take him anyways just incase cause we don't know what the pain was. But he did hammer some of the stuff on the basketball and since he hasn't really done much lately. were watching him i think thats why he was in pain. It started to go away when he was sitting there it felt like a hot night i was hot and he was hot so we put a towel over him. But thank god today he is good. Gonna have to go get some ice cream for everyone it sounds like a good day for ice cream.. I just needed to update and hoepfully that things get better for OP and PS we don't want anything bad for anyone. No drama and be a drama free zone and stop blaming OP for drama that just cause she said something. It wasn't drama until you made the drama remember that.

Anyways will talk soon.

Let me start at the begining of this.

2:43pm - 03/19/22 being adressed again

I hate that i have to do this but some people do not know whats going on so my friend "OP" made a comment on CBOX of PS thingie and asked if they would like to be affies with her. So PS decided to make a post about the whole thing that she/he wasn't going to EVER become affies with this person. PS said oh you know who i am and I'm NEVER going to be an affie's. so because my friend OP said she was going to delete her whole website because of PS making a post about her. OP did not know who PS was. she/he does not have a about me page so we have no idea who the person is behind the blog. PS is mad at OP saying that she should know exactly who PS is. But in reality how are you supposed to know? it's not a guessing game. How ever PS took it upon themseves to make a blog post about OP she didn't mention who the person is which is good but Why couldn't she just go to OP, find her email account and email the person why she wasn't going to be affies with her. Why did PS make this into drama in the frist place? PS went on Op's site and posted on her CBOX saying that she needed to go read the post that was made to her. This is why we need to becareful how this goes because you posted about OP, and all your little friends are going to OP's CBOX and making statements about that OP lied and at this point this is harrasment. You need to tell all your little friends to stop making more drama then what it is.

Now i know i make mistakes but I know better not to tell people to go on each others CBOX to tell them something to be mean in fact i wouldn't tell my readers to do anything. At this point it might be PS posting this to make OP mad for no reason. OP has an illness you don't want to mess with someone like that. Im not making an excuse no one is perfect and is alowed to make mistakes. OP had no idea it was the same person Who claimed back then that OP stoled her colors from her layout. Im going to just throw this out there that colors do not belong to you and anyone can use the same colors doesn't mean it was the same thing. Then PS got mad because OP changes layouts once a week. WOW doesn't it sound stupid at this point? cause to me it sounds pretty dumb this is the reason why PS doesn't want to be OP's Affie. You know no matter what anyone does to me and even if they be lying there ass off i still forgive no matter what if OP did that to me as a grown up i would be her affie no matter what. but thats just who i am. PS started the drama first imo. Had she/he thought before making the post she should of emailed her and been Professinal about the whole thing. Im not forcing you to be her affies, im not asking you that you have to be affies but there was another way to address the whole thing and that to me was that PS was trying to start trouble with OP. It made OP sad so she felt maybe if she deleted her layout that PS would leave her alone. But PS her/him and her/his friends need to stop with this crap.

I think i remember there was a bsite using the same name PS a long time ago and was accused of stealing Im not exactly sure if its the same person. But I'll have to do some research. I could be wrong im just saying we have both ips. Also I'm not trying to be on anyones side I think that PS did wrong by making a post and i felt bad for OP because she felt like she had to remove her whole site and she really shouldn't have to. This person that comment recently went by % as there name and I think you really need to step away and really think because there is two sides to a story not just one. If you believe PS then you need to STOP posting on OP's CBOX. It can really stress people out and it can also make them sick by you coming to someone when you don't know the whole story. Be nice, Be kind to one another. It's honestly between PS and OP at this point. But because im a friend to OP doesn't mean anything she might not want to be in it anymore and i get it. But this is the kind of shit talking that needs to be said and done with. No one is perfect colors are colors and to me if your talking about colors then your racist. Let OP design a layout every day if she wants to shes not hurting anyone. I think if she wants to do that then she should really do what she wants and the POSt that PS wrote should of been sent through an email because you got all these little kids coming at her for no reason. PS has stopped as far as i know and so has OP shes keeping her site open but Who ever is going around and leaving message is creating more drama and i will keep putting my 2 sents in rather you like it or not.. I wont stop till you all stop with making feel like shes nobody because as old as you are you should know better. I would understand if you where 16 and creating drama. PS keeps blaming OP that she started the drama how ever the only thing that OP said was that she was deleing her site there was no drama and the more this goes the one that started the drama was PS imo. But please do not go around and posting on these peoples CBOX and putting your two cents in just cause you feel like you got the right away. PS already removed there CBOX for no reason She/he doesn't need to be scared to have to r4emove there CBOX because people can't behave, I would have never went to the site so create any drama unless i was at the top pissed off cause at any moment i can be triggered and you do not want to mess with me. I will make you cry. The good thing is that me and OP have a sense of Humor and thats a good thing because we laughed it off about the whole crayons. we slept good last night and eat just right. We didn't loose any sleep over the sillyniss that people come up with. Have a great day. Oh and please visit my site if you want more drama lol thanks for the hits.!

What are you going to say i blog to much?!?

3/18/22 - 9:49am Still laughing

What a night we laughed so much yesterday night and omg we couldn't stop laughing. It was a good ole laugh though. I still can't get over the colors though it sounds so stupid for someone to be mad over. The other day i saw someone use the same colors as to mine and i just said "good for them" As long as they didnt steal my stylesheet im good. But some people don't see it that way. They think automatic that they should be mad cause they used the same colors. Get over yourself Bruh.

Dad's chemo went good thank god for that and says he feels good but he lost 2 more pounds. Poor dad i feel so bad he has to go through this sickness but hes not alone in this, we are all helping him along the way. Other then that i slept great last night. Just like a baby and eat a good meal that i made for dinner. I would have loved to bake some brownies but umm its hard when my dad can not eat any kind of sweets because sweets feed on cancer. So its something ive learned to not be a snackholic lol. I just made that word up. But Today he has boster shots he has to take. Where off to the wind to go with him. I wish they did them in the morning but its in the afternoon. Anyways im going to go now. It's ok to act like a kid at heart no matter what age you are. Lifes to short to act like a butthole and You only have one life. Lets treat each other with kindness even if they stoled the colors from your layout so you think anyways. Maybe our brain is one big brain and sometimes we come up with the same things. Look at niki tutorials and James charles they kept coming up with the same video and they laughed about it. Because thats what adults do they didn't get other people involed they just hit the hachet and they keeped on with there videos. So theres a lesson the be learned here. DON'T GET MAD OVER COLORS OR BECAUSE THE PERSON CHANGE HER LAYOUT EVER WEEK. WHO GIVES A FUCK!! talk soon and i'll probably blog tomorrow and day after so you know. Get over yourself bruh!

I think its funny.. Just read the post!

3/17/22 - 4:39pm This needs to be said.

Going to redo this one.
Let me frist say that theres no hard feelings on either side and what im about to say that you might be mad over.

Ok you accused this women by stealing layout colors because they stoled the same colors or because maybe you thought she comes and visit your site 24/7. Let me put it this way it sounds very stupid to me to get over something that happen a long ass time to get mad over "COLORS", Sounds racist to me. Colors can be used the hell she wants to use them. If she likes the colors she can post it on her layout, she can use them how she wants to and your still mad cause of "COLORS" LMAO,.. What are you 5 acting like "oh leave me alone" First of all I could understand if she stoled the stylesheet but she used the "COLORS". Let me go over with that with you again "COLORS" do NOT belong to anyone unless you got crayons in your house with your coloring book then yes those are yours you bought them with your money so you own the box of crayons in your house the ones you use to color in your coloring book. You got that right. Come on you got mad and don't want to be affies with someone cause they use the same "COLORS" you used LMAO I can't stop laughing this is so funny.

Oh and your mad because this person changes there layout like almost every week. Who owns this website? do we tell you OMG your layout is ugly and doesn't make sense oh wait you post to much. Seriously how serious do you think you sound. Its her website just like the one you own nobody tells you how to use your site, or not to post somethiing right no one says that your layout is ugly and that omg you post to much, or omg you don't post at all. How do you think it makes people feel. Let her Post 100 layouts if she wants to. You don't pay for her hosting, you don't own her website let her do what ever the hell she wants. You don't co own the website with her. Stop complaining gesh! Leave her layout making days alone let her be. Thats how she expresses her. Do you go around telling people oh stop making art, stop posting pictures on FB of your kids, of the food, of them selfs. People post the same day like a 100 times a day. you probably do go telling people to stop posting lol. Has no one told you to stop making websites and maybe go outside a play ball, plant a flower, play with your pet if you have one. clean your house, clean your room there is millions things to do then to worry about someone changing there layout. LOL who cares let her design thats the whole fun of webdesign even in that moment when your making stuff cause your so proud and wanting to make a layout. Let her desgin gesh!

You know in the bible it talks about how children go outside and play with their friends or just some random kid they play with and they might get mad but 5 mins later they go out there with the same kids playing as if nothing ever happen. God said he wished we where kids cause they don't get mad, they just go on and play no matter what.

What im trying to say is that just cause you don't want to be friends with this person its ok no one is making you be friends with this person. Simply accept the apology and move on. Why make a whole post about this person and you might of not said who she was but how do you think it made her feel? Like shit when simply you could have emailed this person told her who you where because you didn't make a post saying who you where and you have a right to keep that private if you want to. But Oh leave me and dork alone so are you dork to does she have a voice or are you her/him? i mean Of you are two different people doesnt that person have a say so. It goes both ways so does my friend she has a voice to. But when you come at her being rude and making a blog post about her for no reason at all just to hate on her because you think you have the right away, or because you wanna be stupid and make a post about her thats when i come on. It goes both ways for me to but since i don't know you, I don't visit your site 24/7, I don't go looking for your email to email you cause I got real problems at home, as a mother i got things to do then sit on my ass all day searching your website for an email that you probably will go back and make a post about but i'll just laugh. If you think your perfect your not. don't be tacky cause people see the real you and maybe your affies don't see that but i see right threw you. I probably know you more then you know your self.. But let me just throw this out here your mad cause she comment on your cbox and you removed the cbox for what reason? why cause you can't take the heat? you think im going to go over there and tell you something cause i wasn't i was just going to sit back and laugh about it. Because you mad bruh about colors and because she made a little comment about being affies. WOW read that again. Your mad cause she comment/ Bruh thats some crazy insane shack of shit. As far as this goes I think you are the one to owe her an apologize for making a post simply about her. Email her next time this is no gamming site where we are supposed to guess who you are lol. Anyways mad bruh over colors and comment LMAO i can't stop laughing.. Leave me alone cause im 5 years old no your 30 or 32 lol It don't matter you still up there. It don't matter the ages of people. Blaming her that she started the drama ok Bruh. Whatever. LMAO Anyways!! LMAO LMAO i can't today with people. Affies will see your true colors on how you treat someone. She didnt treat you with rudeness in fact it was about colors and comment/ and changing her layout. To me 3 stupid things your mad about LMFAO!. She wasn't hurting no one. I hope your Affies see what kind of person you are. I really do because if they do the same thing u'll be after them for no reason. you seriously need a hobby bruh!

Anyways if your hurt by this message you srsly need help. Its not to hurt anyone because people have feelings and feelings hurt. I just that it was funny because this person comment on your cbox and you removed it LOL.. If you didn't want the person on your site or your cbox simply block the person and move on. it's not that hard to block someone. but don't worry i wont mention to leave me alone. You can go ahead and make a post about it i'll just laugh about it because at this moment on its not about me. Remember you made the post first there for you are the one that started the drama, remember that! If Affies knew how you could sit there and talk about person i can't even imagine what you say behind your affies back. So sad! Be glad you got friends if you have any at that. Anyways enough of this My stomach hurts from laughing so much! Gotta get going anyways i just wanted to post this in a better way because I know sometimes i don't get the whole story right and i missed some spots when i was making the post.. How ever have a blessed day. I know You'll make a post about me next and i'll read it if someone tells me. If not then ive moved pass this! You can visit my site anytime. I got your IP address so you know. As many times you visit thank you for the hits it makes me move up more. That goes for all the haters thank you!!

Some things need to be Addressed.

3/16/22 - 9:45pm Thinking!

So maybe its not my place to say this but i don't know whats wrong or why my bestie wants to delete her whole site a site that she worked really hard on it about every week because thats something she really loves to post and do. Whatever and who ever is saying crap needs to grow up. If you made a post about her then i think you need to apologize or email them instead of making a whole post about people you wont be affies with. Why for what reason? no one is perfect thats something you keep to your self. I don't know who needs to see this and i don't know who said what or why this happens. Secrety if you feel some kind of way like hate towards her for no reason. Stop and think before you say it. Because how would you feel if someone came up to you and said they don't want to be your friend. To me i would puch you in the face but some people get hurt easily because those are feelings. If you do this shit for fun its not right. Can't we all just get along and be friends if not then be a grown up and walk away. How hard is this?
Let me mention when you post on everyones CBOX telling them to go read your post because its serious let me put it this way when its serious is cause you either got 5 days to live or your sick with cancer or your dying, you got hit by a car or something worst happen. When its a post to say that its serious just cause someone accused you of something is not serious its "click bait" to get you affies to visit your website and post something. I mean im sorry for putting this out there but i just think you could of just worded out in a different way. I ant mad im not even upset you do you. But your post bruh is not that serious.
Stop being mean to my friend. Get another hobby, go outside and stop sitting on the chair at your computer and stop being rude to people. Get a life you know they have those now right? i mean i would hope you know that. I an't scared there would be NOBODY to try to get me off the internet i don't care who you are but im going to say that i don't sit on my ass being rude to people on the internet lol. I got more things to worry about then you know..
Anyways enough of that shit..Keep your shit to your self. No one wants to smell your shit lol..
People like this need to be laugh at in the face for making problems so they can get more madder and you can sleep great at night and eat great while the pout to there friends about what they are doing.. LOL..Alright im done for now...

Dad has chemo tomorrow. So say a prayer for him or keep him in your thoughts. They gonna be up there for 4 hours. Sucks so i wont see them all day. I don't know what im going to make tomorrow for dinner so i have to get up early and pull the chicken out and come up with something to make. Im gonna get going i need to take my meds and clean up! No hard feelings just venting.. Ttylaters!


3/14/22 - 8:21pm - watching a movie

heya how are we doing out there in this world? Well something on my mind twice today. So when someone asks you for information to see if you get something are they really asking or are they fishing for information? its no ones buisness what i get or don't get and i think its something i need to find out on my own about people and its so hard not to be so open. I try to stay honest because i want them to be the same as me but people are not like that.It's something i have to learn on my own not to say. I think if someone wants information that they would have alot of questions.
Also me and my friend were talking about "pictures" like Pictures no days are only found on the internet or they are found on a computer. Ive lost alot of pictures over the years the ones i really wanted to keep but yet ive lost. My friend said she wanted something on a digital form and that it would be a good idea to sign your kids both email account and sent pictures to them each of them when they where little. But when your 60 or older how are you going to remember what your email is and password? my mom and dad as it is thats something they don't remember very often they forget these things. Its just something i wanted to do was print out little pictures which i did for my kids and each of them have a little album book that i bought this new printing device and it prints your pictures out 2x3 size. I really love how each one can have pictures of them when they where little i wanted to do something special i wasn't asking for advice i was just stateing something i was doing for them and wanted to do for them because i wanted to no other reason i think its something i want them to remember and i want myself to remember these memories. If you have kids do you think you would do that with your kids? either put them on digital or on photo paper? This person doesn't have kids but she has boxes full of things of when she was little and i guess doesnt want to haul them around which i understand but at the same time those are memories that your mother or grandmother has kept because they love you so much that they kept those items if it wasn't for them we wouldnt be alive. I dunno but it was just something i wanted to do for my kids.. When i ask for adivse i will but this time it wasn't the case like i understand her place of wanting to do something different so i don't care about that other people choice to do with there memories but in my case it was a good buy and im so happy i got it so when im done i can give it to my kids and they can always have it. Atleast its just pictures..
So this week my dad does blood test and then he goes back and does chemo again. I feel so sad today his hair started to fall off :(. its not easy seeing a love one go through something so hard in life and but i thank god that he wants to fight. hes a very strong person. So i know we will fight this. Anyways thats all im going to blog today. So let me know what you thing between digital or picture paper.. ttyl <3

Just Thinking

03/10/22 - 12:40am

Isn't it strange when you visit someone's site and you can't find there credits page. Whatcha hiding over there or is that you don't want someone to find it and look at your credits page to see whos credit on there lol I find it pretty odd to me. Like I got mine on "blast" no joke not a shame to show where i get my information from or where i learned something cause shareing is caring. I wish people really learned how to do there website i mean its cool that you get your layouts from a certain place and its fine but its not really that hard. I honestly was teaching my self when i first got pregnant with my daughter i forced myself to learn web design. I spend about a month just learning and didn't have to go to school to learn it. Im still learning new things here and there. I am really loving the Gradient on the links like it just gives me signature to the whole look. I wanna bring that into webdesign and show other people how it can be done.

So umm yes I caved and got me a new iphone 13 pro max. Im still getting use to how big it is and how the music is loud. But Like i pay for apple music i really enjoy that i can listen to Mariah Carey and not have to buy the music i just have my music set on there. I have to get a card for my son so he can get his apple music back on his phone again. I think there are family plans but i don't know if i wanna do that i'll just pay for them seprate.

So my dad's got chemo on the 17th so they have to be there for 4 hours which sucks i hate when there not here and i don't know whats going on but my mom texts me sometimes and lets me know. Which im glad that she does. It's not easy seeing someone you love so much go through some hard times. But hes doing ok. He fell the other day i don't know if i mention that but i acted so fast and grabbed him and my son helped. The hampster was in his ball and he was moving out the way and she fell, it scared me. Then for weeks he wasn't eating at all so we bought him some drinks like ensure but they are a different brand and hes been drinking them and he went to the doctor today and he has lost about 10 pounds. We need to get him to eat more and get his weight back up but hes on a diet so thats probably why.

Oh and i lost 10 pds im not even trying to loose weight and some how i lost some weight. But see i use to snack all the time at night, noodles which is a big no no cause they expand you, then chips which is way to salty and then cookies and just was just to much so i stopped all that for like a month. I guess thats why i lost some weight. But i guess its a good thing you know when you are trying to loose weight and don't loose shit at all and your like ok whats going on? well this time im not really payattention and i won an award for working out 30 mins a day on my apple watch. I think walking and shopping must be the 30 mins.

My best friend from high school had a kidney infection and my other friend from school years she has a cyst on her Ovaries also she had a tumour as well and she had surgry this morning I haven't spoke to her today I imagine shes probably a sleep resting cause it was a 3 hour surgery so hopefully things are good. It was supposed to be an in and out. So God willing shes ok. The other friend with the kidney infection is still in pain and waiting for the meds to work but I think when you are a diabetic i hear you get those alot. My older brother is a diabetic and im pretty sure even though you try to eat right some times things still happen so it kinda sucks. Which since that runs in my family I try to stay active as much as possible because i don't want to have it at all..

What else has been going on, Well my son's dad called and He told our son he went hiking and our son was like "yeah" and "yeah" because he wasn't payattention and I guess his dad got mad because he was listening. It's kinda hard when you talking to a teenager and they simply just don't want to talk. I guess you could say hes like me i hate talking on the phone and there are times where i go through a period of time where i wont text anyone maybe its the depression. But thats how my son is he simply just doesnt want to talk on the phone. I could understand if his dad called every day or he called maybe a few times a month and then maybe my son would want to talk to him but his dad calls him maybe once a month or some month not at all and now that he has his own cell phone he don't want to call but it was ok if he called my cell phone. Now since i don't have to have calls go directly to me im glad. He was abusive when we where together so i won't deal with him now i have a voice. Maybe i will talk about the abuse on here i just want people that have been through that not to be scared to walk away. Mine was verbal but it could of got to the point where i think he could have started to hit it was getting bad and i left at a good time. I just want to put my story out there i have so many stories to tell just really haven't really talked about it because its hard for me to go through that truma again but it'll get to that point because i want to make a post of it. Stalking to i been stalked when i was 15. I might of been younger but thats another story.

I went to the mall the other day, Got to finally hit up victoria secret and get a really nice sweather thats really nice it was like 50% off if i find another color im going to get it. But got some panties and some body spray for me and my daughter and took them to the comic store and got some comic books and my daughter got a poster for her wall.. I want her to start putting things on her wall like me i have small pictures of me and the kids when they where little. I need to get a small printer and start printing out pictures from my phone..

I better get going i think i put most of the stuff i needed to blog for today. It's getting late and i need a shower before bed and get to bed so thanks for reading~

until fingers hit the keyboard i'll talk to you laters!

Whats been going on lately?..

03/05/22 - 7pm - watching youtube again lol

Hey whats up just sitting here watching people unboxing there new iphone 13 pro max videos i dunno why i like to watch stuff like that lol. Maybe im getting one or maybe not. LOL. Anyways how was everyones week? Well last week my dad felt sick and didn't eat much i mean he eat a little but he wasn't all that hungry so we started giving him some ensure and that seems to help him feel a little hungry. I just really hate seeing him that way honestly its no fun. When we go somewhere he ALWAYS wants to go and everyday we asked and he was just not feeling to good to go and it made me sad. But friday he was reading to go somewhere so i was happy that he decided to want to go somewhere ya know. So the weeks going to be that way where hes just not going to feel so good.. Today i bought him a milkshake "strawberry" and got my mom one and the kids got food. But he drank it so i was happy about it. Then hes Gotta go back on the 17 again for chemo and hopefully that it goes smoothly and he isn't up there all day. I told my mom to take my template she could watch movies and play games on it. But i dunno if she will take it or not. So every 3 weeks he will be having chemo. But other then that we been pretty good i just been busy editing the site lol i keep changing things here and there and go back and mess with the stylesheet and add and remove stuff. I just had the browser cause ever since i updated it doesn't show me the new updates at all and its soo annoying to deal with. Also been busy making sure dad eats and if he feels ok just checking up on them both because it could be stressful ya know.. Anyways I guess thats all im going to talk about i don't got much to talk about just that im thinking of getting the new iphone 13 pro max. I dunno for sure the only reason i would get it is cause of the camera. Maybe i should do vlogs for youtube so i wouldn't have to put my words all on this thing. I would need to get something to put my iphone in and do it. What else is new. Oh In case you didn't know im getting a "Divorce" and i had to sign more papers yesterday. its a good thing that i went online to check emails cause i would of left that in a week lol. Im so excited to finally get that shit over with. "dances" ive never been so happy in my life i mean besides me being so happy when i had my kids but this is more happy cause i'll finally be free. Anyways im gonna get going talk to you all soon!