Last Blog of the Month of July

7/31/2022 - 11:45AM

Woke up kinda late and the dog was crying cause she had to go outside and so i made myself get up to take her outside . I over slept for the life of me i couldn't wake up and then i woke up and felt sluggish again wonder why i felt like that again. Im gonna say that it might be the heat not to sure what it was but i could use some candy haha.

Not much has been going on. Just being lazy today and not doing much;. I need to clean this room but i need my mood to go up high so i can clean. My mom found my old as ring that i thought i had lost. My ex husband had got it for me a long as time and i thought i had lost it. How ever i might go pawn it get some money. I got two rings i need to pwn. Not like i need the money it just doesn't fit anymore.. anyways im still alive and kicking it. Just been some what busy sleepying lol.. Nah i got things to do around the house. My mom made biscuts and gravey and omg so good.. Anyways Thats all im going to say. Maybe i'll have something to say in Aug lol..ya'll be good now!

Thank you Monay For the Gift <3

Got a new ipad pro

july 28th - the updates and whats going on

well nothing is really good news really. but i happen to break my glasses the other day and had to wait a week before i could get a new pairs. I got new ones taday and hopefully get a new pair on aug 1st..

Dad still doing chemo and hopefully its not long but only god knows the reason why things happen for a reason. We only know whats to come but it sucks cayse hes got the bag..anyways i got my ipad pro. I went to best buy and told the guy i wanted to see if i could get credit and he kept saying what do you mean and i said credit to get the laptop. He got on my nerves because he didn't know what i was talking about and then all of sudden he got it. anyways it was just a bad exprince with this guy because the laptop i wanted he kept telling me it was 2,000 and i kept telling him the one i wanted was on sale and he kept saying that it wasn't i finalkly said nvm. was i talking English lol. I mean he didnt get what i was saying. anyways needless to say nvm and my dad went up there and to see if he could get credit and he got approved right away and told me to go get it. now i have to pay him for the ipad. it's not the ine i wanted but thats ok. as long as i can blog on here thats all i really care. If i need to design u'll get on my desktop. So i will get on either.. Coding and so on will be on there when ever i feel the need to blog i can do it on here. So theres that. See what else so the Doctor said I might have gluacoma in my eyes i just read up on it and it seems like you can go blind omg not something i really need. If thats the case i know there is things i can take i don't need anything added to my list. So Pray for me that i don't have it.. Well i guess thats all the updates for now. I'll see what else is been going on, doctors apointments are coming up for my dad and mine will be in 3 weeks so i have alot going on lately. anyways thats all im going to say for now.. Made Rachael a gift if you haven't notice today is her birthday. hope she has am amazing day. I can't believe i made a good friend online and hoping one day i can visit her :) and ofc meet her. anyways i hope you all have a blessed day. thank you for reading and i hope you all have an amazing day!

Happy birthday Rach!

July 28 2022

Hope you have the BEST day EVER!

July is Almost over!!

7/23/22 - 8:19am - watching youtube!

Hey you, how are you doing? so its been a min oh wait i did update on the 20th lol. So 3 days later its been about the same incase you where wondering. Anyways not much is going on really. Took the kids to the mall the other day and they got some clothes and some other stuff they both where excite to get something and then the other day i got some other stuff that they always need like socks and other stuff, Thats all really..

the other day when i was in line to pay for stuff the line was long and i was getting overwhelmed with the line being long and not to mention my nerves where bad and so anyways as i was moving forward the guy in the back of me was up my butt because he kept moving up to close to me and i was like omg where is there a time to back off and me fart so maybe they will move but i didn't and was like ahh man. anyways LOL.. im doing ok. Just hanging in there i wanna take the kids to have fun but maybe later.. Took the parents out to eat at olive garden still full from that day LOL..we eat alot haha.. anyways talk to you all soon.. I am still alive and to the person that still talking shit about me on there blog. Thank you because of you im getting tons of hits <3...I am so loved!! ttyl

July is almost over!

7:45am - 7/20/22

hey whats up? its been super hot lately. I mean like 102, 104, yes it gets super hot in Texas. Anyways how have you guys been lately? its been kind of slow. On monday Dad has chemo and that was two days he had to do that and then i had an allergy shots had to pick them up so i can have them. Anyways so not much has been going on. I got a new puppy and then yesterday he went to a new home lol. Sorry i couldn't handle the crying so i was like bye i told the lady enjoy him. My bigger dogs where pushing him around so he needed to go to another home. I think he needed to bottle feed him because he was so small. Anyways thats all has been going on. Taking the kids to the mall so we can get out of the house for a bit..<3 talk soon!!

Do I Look like An ATM?

7:59AM - 7/16/22

Hey whats up? so yesterday i was online and was texting friends through messenger and this is not the first time this has happen but Someone i had been talking to through a group for mental health and i try to be there for her when ever she needs someone to talk to and so yesterday she text me and i was like im busy can't talk right now and so shes like i need your help and so i was like cramped i was out in the store so i really couldn't payattention so she shows me her knees and im like oh shes probably going to ask if she should go to the doctor. So about an hour shes like Can i borrow $100 I would like to help anyone but when they ask for a huge amount then im like umm. I can't do it sorry. So then later like 5 mins later she goes well can u sent any amount and so i told her i wished her the best in luck with her mental health and that i was sorry but when i need someone no one is there i deal with it on my own so anyways i said im going to block you so u don't ask me for money. Thats not the frist time this other lady ive knew and shes asked for $250 i belive to pay her phone bill and im like man do i look like an atm. I mean i wish i was rich to help people lol but realty thats not the case and can't do that. All the money i do have goes to my kids. Who want outside food, games, and more. So that was something that happen yesterday. I hate being asked for money its annoying. Anyways i will talk to you soon. Oh i dyed my hair soon!!

Tremors back in full force today. Just trying to embrace it! ugh!!

Hello, Are you there?

10:20 - 7/14/22 - Music is playing

Hey whats up? i moved the rest of the blog in the section for july22 folder. Anyways its been a crazy day today. So my dad's gonna do chemo again and go another round again and its just stressful and its hard to live like that why you are fighting for your life and wondering if its going to be worth it in the end so its stressful to even think about it. Life is way to short. I look at my friend Karen Who died at the end of May and how she didn't take care of herself, makes me wonder if she would have taken care of her self would she had lived longer? Or was it just her time to go. It's hard to think that way. But We are going to keep fighting because my kids would and myself would miss him so much if he were gone. So Prayers are needed to kill this cancer in his blood stream thats were its at.

Im not really for another round of stress.. Or to think about the things he is facing and how scary it can be when you putting so many drugs inside of you to kill it. So hopefully this time it don't take long and hope that it wipes away the cancer.

So they had to do a class for today and i went to that. How ever he starts on Monday and Monday i have an apointment at the allergy place and I'll have to get another insurance for myself and thats gonna be a pain but hopefully i find the right one for myself that is better then the one i do have. So well see what happens with that. Anyways nothing is really going on. I went ahead and got creative and changed the layout i hope you all like it :) atleast i know i do..<3 ya! be creative and i will talk to you all soon! Thanks for reading. <3

Just felt like Blogging

7/13/21 - 8:56pm - watching a movie

Hey whats up? still in search of laptop i just like the high prices ugh. The down fall of it all you want more memory you pay more. Maybe should wait on the sales that come out on sunday i think if i can remember when things go on sale.

This week is going pretty slow which is good cause i felt like June went to fast and before you know it,we were already in july. So June went and left now its july and got some many apointments ugh.

Yesterday i was reading on a group about some pagans having a event in octobar well they don't think its bad because they practice whatver and then this lady got into it and said that the bible had spells in it and im like i have no idea what book you are reading but it don't say that and she went on and im like dude honestly who cares. It's are duty as christians to tell people about the bible but if they don't want to listen then whats the point in telling them. its gonna go one ear and out the other. So That was some drama of course all the Christians where attacking the wiccans and pagans and they said they go with the wind and the flowers and some voodoo shit lol. Anyways im like lets leave them alone we are wasting our words here cause they don't care and what are we doing to help them out nothing cause we're all throwing things from the bible and telling them that they don't want to listen. You can only do so much. Those are the ones that make Christians look bad. We are not all the same by all means. I pray for those that don't know GOD. I pray for those that don't know any better and that they don't know anything but what they are going for. God help us all.. I even pray for the haters because its not really there fault if they don't know any better. They just know how to hate and tell you off but in reality haters shouldn't act that way but they do and can't do anything about it.

So thats what has been going on in the facebook. Oh what fun lol. Nothing has been going on really. Just trying to take my medication and live life to the fulliest or at least try to lol. Anyways gonna have to wash some clothes tonight if i get a chance so i have something to wear tomorrow. you guys have a blessed night, day or whenever you read this. have a fantastic day!!

It was a good Sunday!

July 10th 2022 - playing bingo - 7:01pm

So its been a pretty fast week and weekend. We had my Nephews come up to the house today and i hadn't seen the oldest in forever i use to take care of him and he would tell my boyfriends to go home already lol. Hes about 25 or 26 now. Doesn't seem like it. I think he was around 4 or 5 when i use to watch him. He was there every weekend, I was about 12 when he was born so i was just growing up. I can't believe its been that long and as soon as they seen me they came up to me and gave me a hug. They are very tall and I always think of them as being little cause i never get to see them as much. But it was awesome to see them and see their mom and her husband.

There is always a reason why things happen and why we can not explain what the lord has in store for us. We want to hurry up but its on his time.

It was a an ok week. I have doctors apointment Tomorrow and don't want to go but have to lol. Its like another Monday here i come gotta make the best of it and just do it ya know. Anyways not much has been going on.

You know what this whole time that this Kayla drama has been going on i just realized that she lied to you guys again. Don't want to bring it up but i was laughing the whole time im like OMG she didn't say what site she posted but she made her self look good. She posted on and that she had said please i don't know if she did or not because i started to work on this one and ignore the other one because i was more into this site so i never uploaded the credits page i kept pulling it off and kept forgetting to put up links and not that its an excuse but it was something i needed to have done i don't know when that screen shot was taking but it wasn't on this site. How ever she was really rude to me in the first place but doesn't say that at the begining i mean how can someone wake up and be like ok today im going to write and say oh i hate this person. who does that? probably no one. She gave you false information. I don't want to say i told you so but she lies not that anyone probably doesn't care right now. but again she sure does lie pretty fast and pretty fast she decided to give yall false information anyways i just thought it was funny that she lied again. Had she told me that her link was no up at .xyz I would have saw and on this one that im blogging she was rude to me about it. Had she been nice to me in the first place and said the truth maybe things could have been different but it what it is can't do anything about it now..

So im thinking of buying a laptop in Aug but i don't know which one to get. I want it incase i get tired to come on here and my tremors are bad cause some days its hard to just come sit up here. So if yall have an ideas on what i should get let me going to get going have to go around to give meds and take the dog outside.. talk soon! I might change this layout im not exactly sure yet.. Depends how board i am lol if you don't see any changes its cause i didn't do anything soon!! have a blessed day!!

People can be sop rude and updates on my dad

July 8 2022 - 9:44pm - Everytime we touch by Cascada

Well it started off to be a good day, but then my dad heard that hes going to have to go through another around of chemo and having to deal with cancer still in his blood and hopefully we can get through some of this hard time. Please keep my family in prayer. So he will have to keep the bag and can't even go back to work so the up keeping mof the house is expensive but he doesn't want to loose the house which i understand. Its hard as it is.

Today walked into Waterburger and this guy in the back of us tells this old man like oh the lines up there and i told him like the lines over here will the man didn't know so he cut in front of us all and got his meal but the man was rude to me and then kept laughing at me and my tremours where getting bad because he wouldn't stop. I try to ignore him but he was making fun of the guy at the register because i think something was wrong with him and the guy was making fun of him, the old man and me and it was getting on my nerves. What comes around will go back around he was wrong for that the way he was acting. My mom said he was laughing at everything and i it made me mad but i managed to clam myself down and my mom turned around and then stared at them so they knew how it felt. Im ok but i felt like crying that was the on;y time i felt some emotion i haven't felt like crying in months in fact with new meds yet i don't know how to act sometimes. My mom goes maybe we should point at them and laugh and i said nah its not worth it. What will happen is that someones going to turn around and either pop him one because he has a lip or he will fall into some shit lol.. but karma will come around. I try not to wish anything bad on anyone because shit like that can come back around to you and you do not want to do that. He had no respect for others and was very rude. But i hoped they would get going cause whatever they where working on they where dirty and gross. But anyways im doing ok. The guy did a real good job taking my order for me and the kids and they were just laughing it up. Im like wow dude you have to come in here and act a fool and make fun of people for no reason because if you have no respect for others. Tremors was acting up bad when i sat down and my mom said come sit over here next to me so i did. My daughter was like they are stupid lol. Shes like so Immuture and im like yup you run into people like that.

I always ask the lord to guide me in the right direction and if i say something mean to someone i always want to apoligize for the way i acted and if they accept my apologize and if not atleast i did the right thing. Like my ex i told him i was sorry for the way i acted and i thought he was going to say that he was sorry to and and move on with that but he never apologize for the way he acted and the way he cheated and kept just going on with his life. So those are things maybe i was wrong on things i feel better after i say look i was wrong and im sorry. Sometimes people don't know how to say sorry they can't be a big person and say they are sorry..

anyways i just need to blog and get somethings out that happen today. I got to hit up bath and body works and picked out some 6 items that where on sale and so did my daughter so no i need to move some stuff i want to re orgnize my shelve i might do it tomorrow see how my tremors are acting then. oh and i also moved some of the post to july22 so if you want to find those go to past blogs. Good night talk soon!!

Happy 4th Of July

243pm - 7/4/22 - Listening to music.

So my new favorite song is Running up the hill
Sound track from stranger things. I forgot who sings it.
Anyways how is everyone doing? its been a minute tremors are bad today. I tell my brain to push this letter and it makes me look dumb LOL.. like srsly its hard to tell my hands what to do. I wish it would honestly stop. I have to call tomorrow and make an apointment and I got make other apointments for allergy shots so i can get my new refils. I just don't know how i do the shots by myself with all the shakness i dunno but i think god that i can do that.

The dogs are barking and they are scared of the fireworks and i understand how they fill. Might sit on the porch later at night and see if we see any. depends how i feel cause its that time of month and im in pain. ugh.. Hope it gets better!

My son's still with his dad. They went to six flags and just as a mother worried because he has Epilipsy and My son was like don't worry but i know its his dad who is telling him that. I just hope he don't loose his phone cause they cost alot.Iphones are not cheap. Nothing is. I was looking at a laptop because thats really what i want and some of them don't cost much but i wanna be able to get on when i don't feel to good to jump on my laptop and blog from my bed. But the one i want is $1,800 and im like im not about to throw money on that deal. The ipad seems to be a little cheaper then one im thinking about getting. well see which one i get.

How ever my dad has to go to the doctor on the 8th. i guess to see if he has to take chemo again or is he ok. or in remission and to get the bag removed. I hope he gets that off and put back together cause its not so plesent walking into places with it on.. He don't feel to comfortable with it and i tottallu get it.

Then me and daughter has to go see our mental illness doctor, i dunno if one of them is really working maybe they probably up the dose but ofcourse for a couple of months i was off one of the meds because the pharmacy was like um were not refilling it and i had to go in person to get them to refill it. So hopefully it stays like that.

Anyways im doing ok. Just wish i had someone its getting lonely but sometimes im like im ok being alone and other times im like i feel sad cause i have no body but my kids. But just want to be happy with someone and not be with someone just cause im lonely kind of thing. Who knows what god has in store for me..

Check out my affies i gained another affie. Thanks Loves for being awesome! Always remember that you are awesome. <3 check them out! gonna get going my stomach hurts bad ugh.. i hate this i really wish it was just removed and i wouldn't have to deal with it ugh. anyways talk soon!

S T A Y S A F E while you are out there or not be careful..

Kayla's Responds

A Beautiful day!

7/2/22 - 2:15pm - watching youtube


hey whats up? so its not been a while but im trying my best to try and update once a month but some days its hard because i go through this thing called Depression. Im doing ok. Just been here nothing to do really. Trying to save money so i can take the kids somewhere to go. Im thinking six flags so they can ride some roller costers and have a blast. I know grandma and grandpa cant get on but i wanna be able to pay for all of us to go.

Dad's in remission so no more chemo. I know i havent really talked about it lately cause sometimes hes good and somethimes he don't feel good so i understand but he never sits down he keeps going and doing stuff around the house. He is a tough man. So like he has a bag and i was explaing to my son that his grandpa can't do many things and cant be in the heat long because of the bag thing on him. The heat makes it move and then hes like dont want to be around people which i understand. So once he gets better we can take a trip to the zoo in houston i been wanting to go. Six flags and see what else we do even if its during school hours we can still go have fun and still do stuff. So thats what i was telling him and then he is like mom i want to go to incrediable pizza and i said we are don't worry.

My brother is thinking about moving out here which it would be really nice to see them and be around with my mom and dad cause they are getting older. So will see what happens.

My son went off with his dad yesterday i told my son watch hes going to get here at 5pm and sure enough i was right. I know how it is though we do honestly live out so far but we really love it out here i mean its nice. My parents are buying this house so we wanna keep it as much as possible and there is 5 rooms in here. but if we needed to make another room we have an extra. Anyways so thats whats going on

Tremors where getting better there for a few weeks and it had slowed down alot but i dunno when my son left it started like two days ago and its a little bad so my typing and texting is not that great and im already messing up this blog. its so hard i went on youtube and saw that this guy had it really bad and its so bad that he can not write at all. I just really need to see a doctor for this but i been slacking because kind of nervous of what there going to say it really is. So Found out my aunt on my dads side has Parkinson's Disease and i hope i don't have that. Pray that its just tremours. So lately for the past two days i felt pain in my fingers and my toes and foot and i didn't even hurt them, all of sudden just pain hit me and im like omg whats going on now. So it might be a stress thing. The other day i don't know but i been feeling tremors in my legs and feet. My bestfriend said i might have (MS) it also gives you tremors but i dont think i have that cause i don't have any of whats on the list. So honestly just need to see a neurology soon.

Im still debating on the ipad or a macbook. So i looked up some people say get the ipad and some people say get the macbook and im like which one do i get it. the only thing in price is the macbook is $100 dollars more and the ipad i have to buy the pencil, the keyboard and the ipad and it runs into probably the same price. So trying to save up to get one. it's hard though when your kids want money to play certain games lol. it's hard to say no to them. I'll have to decided this month which one so i can get one. Still undecided so im not going to buy it yet lol.. Just talking

Anyways my dog started barking at the tv last night cause it just turned on by itself well not by itself i did something on my computer and it went to the tv and she barked at it, i started laughing at her and turned back and looked at me like what mom what is that. Shes my little shadow.

I know this one is a little long one but just wanted to let you know im still alive and kicking it and i mean what else can i say im blessed < guys have a good day and stay blessed

Still Kicking it

3:26pm - 6/29/2022 - Listing 2 music

Wee im still here. Nothing has been going on just that the women are bitter lately i think its because of the Abortions. I don't agree with it but just cause you are for it doesn't mean im going to tell you off but the women that are for it are so very bitter and mean and so hateful like look i respect your opinion no need to be an ass about it.

Thinking of either getting a new ipad i haven't had one for the last 6 years. my old one died i was so mad that it lasted all the way in hawaii but then after a while it just stop working so im planning on getting a new one and im undecided if i want the macbook or the ipad right now im leaning towards the ipad. But will see. anyways i want something i can do when im at my bed cause its cold just sitting here. I had to put a blanket on me lol im cold.

Anyways im doing fantastic incase you were wondering. Talk soon! Stay blessed!!