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12:49am -1/31/22 - listing to music

hi, i know i removed the tagboard because no one was really leaving any messages.I guess im going to address it because i address this a while back. This will be the last time that i will address this problem. But she doesn't stop.So i used one of these layouts that this girl had for free on her layout and i made sure that i added her to my credits page which since i used alot of stuff i added her like this codes and stuff and then her link. There was no doubt that i made the stylesheet. I used hers because i was to lazy to make my own. I know how to make my own i just didnt want to because i was being lazy. Mind you i been webdesigning for so many years. I maed a mistake to remove her link on her stylesheet but again she was always credit on my page i never claimed i made the stylesheet, she was always linked no matter what i knew to give her credit because i wasn't stealing. Im not like that i don't do that. I even did a sceen shot and you can go back to my old post and find that screen shot where i never removed her credit. She got all mad saying i never credit her, i don't understand how she said i didn't clearly i did credit her. She wanted a certan way stylesheet:herlink. But since i learned how to code from her site, and used other stuff i wanted to credit her in away where i didnt have to link her for so many things. One of her friends emailed me and told me some things that i wont mention. First of all she only belived one side of the story and that was hers. op is making me seem like im the bad person. Im not that way i tried to explain to her that i credit her and she started calling me names for no reason there was no reason to call me names. I did right by her by giving her full credit. So anyways after I told her that it was like i turned off the switch. I no longer visit this person anymore because ive moved pass this. She keeps coming around tagging my tagboard saying my style sheet is her's but its not i typed that shit out on my own. She doesn't own no rights to the stylesheet i have on my website. I dont understand what her problem is. I learned to code from her site which i have no shame to admit that i learned how to do preppy layouts on her site. But now i make me own and no code is hers she has no right to any of the words anyone can use words and put it somewhere. We see you but op is acting a fool at this time. I don't know what trigger her or if shes bi polar or something i don't really know. But All codes look the same doesn't mean its yours. I didn't copy i just wrote out what i know and made the code. I just want to put my side of the story because it seems like she put me on her post and im pretty sure im still on there. Op is probably mad because she can no longer tag on the tagboard but if you ask me we see you, we just don't care im not going to worry about it any more because thats my stylesheet and there is nothing of hers on there. Ive also learned different ways on youtube so im not going to worry about it. If OP wants to email me a message she may, i might not answer but she can say things in pravite. But thats life for her. Im just saying she wanted to pick a fight with me for no reason. shes after me for nothing really she just wants to be mean towards me for no reason. Maybe shes on something im not exactly what her problem is. After i was nice to her which i'll keep being nice to her no matter what. I dont know if she wanted that credit or she wanted to be removed from my site or maybe jealous im not exactle sure why op accted that way. Again im not worried about it because i know i worked really hard on my stylesheet and i know its not perfect but im really trying here. I wanted to be Op's friend but i wanted to tell her how great her layouts where and what an amazing job she did on them and thank you for offereing them free of charge. I would have asked her to make me a stylesheet and i would pay her but honestly it didn't get to that point. Had she went a different way and asked where was her credit i would gave her a direct link to the credits page its not that hard to find on my website. I have no shame of giving anyone credit for there work i am all for it. But i wanted to give my side of the story because some people are only taking her side. I have no reason to lye i tell the truth and i'll admint when im wrong. Just wanted to put this out there cause I wish she would just leave me alone, I no longer use any of her stuff, I no longer visit her site. To be honest i don't get on the internet everyday. I just so happen to get on to blog about it. But if when i do jump on here i blog and if you look at the days i get on i hardly ever get on the internet i got kids to take care of, i got a life and i got animals. I have to cook, clean, I always am on FB messenger texting messages to friends and answering emails through my email. Im not on the internet 24/7 nagging on someone or telling them off. I don't know anyone that spends on the internet 24/7 anymore. honestly my butt hurts just for siting up on here and typing all this shit up. This is the last time i will address this.
Besides drama im doing ok. I had really bad anxeity today and yesterday I think because alot of stuff if coming up. My son's bday will be coming up and my dads bday is the next days after my son tryig to think of what to do for their birthday and it probably wont be much since my dad will be having surgery in feb. Thats also stressing me out to when i think about the troubles he will have to face. its in gods hands. I feel like crying cause hes my dad and everything he is facing is scary you know. That tells you that life is to short. You gotta live like theres no tomorrow. Will keep him in your prayers im gonna get off of here and text my friends and go laugh and not think about it. I got so much to worry about. If we have to move then the site could be closed if i sell my desktop. But i don't know whats to come. People probably be glad if i was gone lol.. well take care. PleaSE KEEP THE FAMILY IN PRAYER. goodnight!


1/26/22 - 8:50am

hey whats up? whats been going on lately. seems like i only blog in the early morning i know i need to add more stuff but i been pretty lazy about adding more i think im going to write out more tutorials maybe but just so there is more you can learn other then just one other site i want more to be added. well see if i feel up to it you know. anyways im doing good. :) talk soon!

01/18/2022- Sorry its been a while

today is the day i felt good enough to wear makeup. I was down for 2 weeks with covid and had to stay in my room for 2 weeks. It was horriable and im not talking about the sickness the sickness was mild i got over it pretty quick it was the staying in my room for 2 weeks thaT made things worse for me if im force to stay in a room i go crazy and thats cause my test came back nagative. Ive been going through some stress of my own. The sad thing is that my dad has cancer but its cureable they caught it in time. He has a tumour in his colon and has to be removed in Feb. it's been pretty stressful around here.I havent had a feeling to blog but i thought since today i was going shopping finally getting out of this house that i would blog a little.Im doing ok where all doing ok.
I had a birthday on Jan 5th i finally turned 40 and its not that bad im still a kid at heart lol i mean really what is new..
Oh and i went on a shopping spree buying Jeffree Star items I got 2 purses one is a fanny pack and one is a huge back pack which im going to use for when i go on vacation. its that big and then i got a tshirt and a hoodie which i love cause its super warm. and i got a lip scrub. no makeup this time. but im beating myself up that i should of got a palette. everything was 12 dollars each. but not that i know his stuff like clothes and purse are good material im going to want to pay the regular prices. this was 12 days of christmas im happy about it.. I love jeffree star items. I love his makeup. i have 2 palettes from him and its the purple one and the blue blood. well gonna get going lets see what else i find today any sales.. love ya guys take care!

12/22/21 - 6:34pm listing to some music

wow so much has been going on and im scared for the future or whats to come. I keep thinking that there is hope and i know there is hope in the lord Jesus because he has the last word he is the only one that i strongly know that with out him there wouldnt be me or you. But i don;t want to say but im going to go head and say that PLEASE pray for my dad and our Family. Its not good news either but He might have Cancer. My son took it very hard and was in tears because he is very close to his grandpa and with out him i dont know what we have in store for us all. It's not any easy task. My daughter didnt take it hard and i dont think she understands. Im going to claim that he doesnt have it. But he is going to have surgery. Theres really not really good news to anything and i dont wish anyone to have this at all..I dont know where this site is going or that i will have any time to work on it as much as i really love it. I came to webdesign to keep my mental health at bay and to keep things ok going. I dunno but life is to short.
My brother came out sunday and went back home Monday morning and he ended up being sick monday night and today found out he has covid. I wasnt game about getting the shot but i dont want to be force to get it i want it to my choice. Just so much going on and thats why i havent had any motivation on webdesign im going to change the layout but i have no design idea on what to do with it anymore. Im just lost at life and things to do.. Well see what happens maybe i'll just blog and keep it open.. welll see just please all i ask is for Prayers..

I had time to move stuff around lol

12/09/21 - 10:53am

Boy have i been pretty busy this month. Christmas shopping for these kids and making sure they make there list. My son wants jordons so im just going to take him to get them pretty soon that way we make sure they fit. Would like to get some shoes for my daughter but she wants some from online which is kind of hard because we have to see if they fit or not.. Im excited for them i wrapped up gifts for them so they aready have a few things. i have t shop for my daughter and then my mom and dad and see what the kids want to get them for christmas. its going to be a really good one this year. atleast for my kids.. anyways have to go grocery shopping today what fun. as you get older those seem to be more fun then anything lol.. im not gonna put much today because like i said i gotta get ready and go so i just wanted to let you know that im ok. I just really havent wanted to come on as much because i been busy and dealing with my gums in one area where its just hurts along with my ear so i been dealing with that. But i'll be ok i should be back to normal in a couple of days. talk to you guys soon!