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02/25/22 - 7:19pm - watching youtube

So what is up? whats been going on? well the chemo went good but the first time they put the meds where like made him super cold. He had a bad reaction to the meds so they flushed him out and then started the meds but slower and he goes in every 3 weeks to get it done. Which gives us time to go to doctors apointments and i need to make dentist apointment for the kids for a check up and maybe do a teeth cleaning. Today my dad had to get injection for his immune system so that was done today and then after that took an hour and then he took me to bath and body works. Had to get my fix on some soap for the bathroom because the kids where like "mom can you buy that soap that you got last time? they had a sale for you get 4 for $20 which wasnt bad for the bathroom. So the kids where excited and my son was looking for some soap for him but maybe at the mall would be a place to go to see what they have for men cause that one they didnt really have a choice so he was kinda of like um nevermind mom. but we will find something just have to look at the mall.. I feel so sleepy i think its the weather. I need to eat something and take my meds and then shower and then sleep. For now im going to be on for a bit and see what i can add in the "read section" hopefully i don't fall a sleep while doing any of that. I wanna go watch Walking dead with my mom and dad i feel like watching season 2 again lol. I love Zombie movies. I just felt like Bloging. Hope you don't mind this month has been alot of updates and more to come i will walk down that Journey that what my dad's going through and how he is doing with chemo. Its scarey though i went inside the building were he goes and it just makes me want to cry to see people of all ages go through there to go through cancer and some people are alone. Im just glad that my dads not alone and my moms by his side. The only thing shes mention is that he is forgetting and getting confused alot and thats scary cause he has a good memory but its the meds from chemo. So thats another thing thats been going on. Gonna go check mail and talk to you guys later :)..

Well Dad's Chemo starts Tomorrow

02/23/2022 - 9:33pm

No more games in waiting for "chemo to start now the games begin for him to start chemo so he starts tomorrow. I honeslty felt like crying when my mother was telling me and my kids that his hair will fall out and chunks of it just coming out. We can't kiss him, hug him or share any kind of drink and we have to be extra clean. My dad likes to play with that cat and pull her tail and now he wont be able to do that. If any one of us gets sick we can't be near him because he can easily get sick from just anything. My mom and dad went to a meeting today and it took all day. Now here comes the hard part is seeing him that way. It's not going to be easy when u can't hug him and we have to stay away from him :(. We are going to be going through some major stress because of whats happening to him and seeing him that way. It just made me want to cry about it because i know its going to put alot of stress on my mom who has to help him. I pray that it's not bad but as soon as chemo starts maybe it will be faster for him to get the bag off and hooked back up. So hes gotta do that and then we go from there. You might see more updates from me because the keep my mind from thinking so much blogging and putting stuff on the site might help me.

I have to put this out there Jeffree Star's new skin care comes out FRIDAY, OMG i can not wait for it. i love the package because its pink and the way he pust his passion into his items. his cosmetics are just growing and where all excited to see whats next.. Talk soon. Gonna start moving some stuff to the past blogs soon. So catch up if you can. thanks for reading!!

Did some Research today

7:37pm - 02/21/2022 - watching Tv

So i did some re search today and I just relaized that OP has stolen the way she does her links and im going to post how the css style sheets looks.

These are the way links where made originally from Justframless.com
It's grown from there NOW everyone uses it that way and thats fine that's probably how OP learned it and then made it her own. Now i get the stylesheet she made and thats fine im not hating on that. But the fact that she accused me of stealing. When clearly she has stolen because that was stolen. Now i learned how to make that and Now everyone uses the exact same way. Im just saying she has no rights to any of the words we post. She can't clearly say i stolen because in reality the credit was there all a long. The only reason why i removed it was because Nothing on here is hers anymore. I originally sat here for two days On the hard Chair to create the stylesheet and sweat and tears because my butt hurt so bad from creating it and she keeps saying that i removed, and move stuff around when clearly i didn't do that. She keeps tagging me saying it doesn't matter and each time she makes a comment im going to address it. She should of gave full credit on the person she learned to code from, but she didn't and i don't visit her site anymore but i don't even think she has a credit page but i could be wrong. Like i said i don't go on her site so i don't know. But i think at this point that Justframeless should have a full credit on my page because thats the original person who made that. No telling what else she has stoled and slapt it on her site and said she made it. So makes me wonder now. Again this isn't a hate thing or that you should come for her for not crediting her. This point no one should attack anyone because its between me and her. I have honestly been to this site that has stolen her stylesheets, have stolen other peoples stylesheet and slapt there name on them like as if we don't see that person has no credit page and has not even gave OP credit at all. But who am i to judge. If i used anyones stylesheet i would give them full credit because thats what i do. I just want to say that i had OP credit on my site since i used her stylesheet I never claimed i made it, i never claimed i had stolen it or whatever she claims i did. I did not do that.But its really sad that she keeps coming back to attact me. Yes i blocked her. But just like a crazy person she has went through private To harass me none stop and doesn't stop. Ive tried to explain to her many times that i had credit her and someone emailed me told me that was her right. so does that mean its her right that for her to act that way? Is it her right that she didn't give fully credit to the orignal person? Cause its not right is it? It's very tacky for someone who thinks that they can keep on harassing me thinking that she is right. Does she have any proof? did she screen shot my credits page? because i did and if you look back in Nov of last year its on there with a credit of and her link. So Where adults and shouldnt be going through this drama at this age. I don't know anything about OP she could be a child or an adult i don't really know and probably will never know. She can't take no screen shot now because the link is no longer there i honesly removed it because i didnt want to deal with someone like her and wanted to be left along. She attact me for no reason. It's not her right to act the way she did. If i wanted to get her for harrasment i could because this has gottan out of hand at this point. She gets madder when i try to explain to her that she was credit it and she started throwing names. Im as a crazy as her and Psycho when it comes to protecting myself. I'll Keep coming to this and not because it bothers me but because at this point she hasn't stopped. Like do you have a life? cause i don't think she has one at this point. Honeslty at this point i want to be left along with this im just blogging. But if you see OP tagging me just leave it. Anything she says is not true. At this point it doesn't matter anymore because I have moved on or that im trying to move on. The madder she gets i honestly laugh its probably not the way to go sometimes but i can't help it because its funny how She is an adult i think and she keeps on and on. I wish the harrassment would stop though. I think shes slowed down or has stopped maybe shes busy now which is probably best. I remove the tags when she comments and i will keep on doing it when i find them. Because its Tacky and looks ugly there.

Want a real update. Sorry i just been hella busy lately I went and got a gamming chair thinking that it would be comfortable and ended up for long periods of time when i sat there it was hurting my booty and i said WTH so i went on a hunt and i knew getting something nice would cost me an arm and a leg and i know i got a phone bill coming up so i was very limited on what i could get. I finally found a decent one for $180 and let me tell you its so much comfortable then the gamming chair and my gamming chair went to my daughter and she loves it. I think it was for kids honestly because it reclines and you can pick up your feet if you want to. It just wasn't for my booty lol. I know its funny but forreal it hurt my booty. I am happy i'll be getting all my domains back up and running just the ones i can handle at the moment. I don't want to add to much and then get overwhelemed at the same time. I just love creating to be honest it helps keep me busy when my kids don't need me as much. Oh an i was able to go outside for a little while to enjoy the beautiful weather and me and my mom burned some boxes. I have a problem lol im always buying stuff online LOL damnit Amazon. Who shops there? anyone addict? lol my friend said its the devil LOL so funny.
Dad's doing good still watching him and making sure that he isn't doing to much. Where supposed to get a nurse to come see him like twice a week and they want someone like a house keeper but we don't really need a house keeper but i might be good for my mother to have someone that can help her out with my dad and be able to have someone help beause when he starts chemo, its going to be alot of stress on everyone and to see him go through the next step. So he has some apointments coming up. Alot has been going on but we are making sure that he doesn't pick up anything he shouldn't and my moms got to take care of him like move his bag and replace a new one. So i can't even imagine what she has to see i don't even want to think about it because it makes me want to cry for him. I know hes ashame that he has that. It's not something i would want anyone to go through because its something you have to do. I just hope that he doesn't stay like that long. I pray for him to heal and that way they can put him back together again. Thank you for praying and keep on praying. The power of prayers really do work. I mean i was in the hospital about a year ago i think it was and i had my gall bladder pulled out and they put a stent in me and i wanted it to be removed sometmes when im doing so much it still hurts in the lining on the tube where they placed it but they removed it. But i get this feeling that it hurts and with so much stress im under for a lot of reasons like family and life it hurts and i can't stand it sometimes. Like over the weekend it hurt so much and i had to try and breath and try to slow down and i was ok after a few min and it might of been heartburn cause i suffer from that to. But thank God where all ok and just trying to get by. Bills i starting to pile up and im getting worried about it. I am a worrier and its something i wish i didnt think about but its there. Can't do anything about it sometimes. I just wish i was rich then maybe i wouldn't be here today id be somewhere off buying makeup, shoes and whatever else i see i want lol. Who knows where id be. for sure not on here lol. Anyways i need to think of more tutorials to add to the site trying to be more creative at the moment lol. I need to add more stuff and im just like what else do people want to see? trying to think of what else i need to do. Alright you guys have a blessed day and again thanks for listening on both ends. I don't think i will bring up the above this but if i have to i will. I will talk to you guys very soon! This month is very short ugh.!

So My dad had Surgery on the 8th

7:46pm - 2/15/22 - Listing to Music

Hey whats up? its been kinda of a long week. So my dad had surgery on the 8th and he was in the hospital for about 3 days give or take im not exactly sure how many days but wasn't in there that long.How ever his surgery did really well i think it was a 3 to 4 hour surgery and he did really good. He now has a bag that he uses the bathroom and someone is going to come over about 3 times a week to come take care of him to help my mom learn a little more in how to take care of the bag and making sure how to clean it and replace it. Hes honestly doing really well. I think when he is healing they will put him back together again. How ever it makes me want to cry to see him that way. Ive always know him as a strong person and hes in pain of course thats natural i mean he wasn't in the hospital that long. But he still wants to help and where all like no. Hes also very eager to want to go back to work when he fully heals and we are all like no but hes not a man to want to sit around he wants to be doing stuff.. But i thank of the prayers and how my mom is strong but with god's help she is strong. With out him it would be very hard. But where all watching him. This is what god has for him right now. Then he has to do Chemo next but hes a very sturburn man lol. He didnt want to call the cancer at all but i don't know today he said well call tomorrow. The thing of it is this cancer can be cureable if he goes through it but im pretty sure he is stressed after now having surgery and then he has to do chemo. So it can really stress someone out..
crazy to say, but i bought a brand new seat so maybe now i will be able to learn more and write about the tutorial and finish it up. My butt finaALLY STOPPED HURTING. I know its funny but honestly the other seat i had really felt like i was sitting on the floor it was really bad but it also was a very cheaply made chair. I got it quick cause of the teachers desk i got and i needed something pretty quick to sit on. Im just blessed to be able to have the money to buy it. My son and my dad helped a little but we pretty much put together and now im super tired but don't want to go to sleep yet because if i go watch tv and lay down i will for sure knock out and i need a shower first and then go to bed. I feel like i can't sleep good if i don't shower. But anyways we had a good day i would say. we all got to go have dinner at Cracker Barrel and I like when the kids get involded and start asking questions like my daughter asked if i always wanted kids and i said ofcourse i love kids and my choice was to have 4 kids but after the pain i was like Nevermind lol. I have no contractions with my daughter and i said but my son was painful and My daughter laughed and said he still is painful lol we all laughed so we really had a good time. Those are the memories i love..Anyways im gonna get going talk soon!

Happy 14th Birthday!

11:32pm - 2/05/22

hey whats up? Hope everyone is doing ok through this crazy winter storm. Its been pretty chilly here in Texas. But where all doing good. Just got up to clean a little and then about to head to bed. But wanted to blog. Today is my son's birthday he turned 14 i can't belive how time has passed by so quik. I try to be a good mama even though i also have my troubles but i guess thats why this kiddo wants to be with me all the time. But some days he just wants to be in his room and playing video games lol. Today his little sister texted him and i thought it was really cute that they want to talk to him and tell him happy birthday and want to sent him something in the mail for him which is really sweet of them. We been good just getting prepared for the surgry for my dad next week. I think we got this but still is so stressful cause im gonna have to pick up the slack around here to help my mom with things. Im gonna have to go this weekend to pick up a little stuff to here and there to make the kids to eat. I made alfredo the other night and it turned out pretty good. But thank god where ok and the cold is not that bad just worried about the bills piling up and the things we are going to face. Thank you for the thoughts and Prayer. I don't wish anyone to go through this with their family member or them selfs. The stress is about to hit when no looking back. Im not ready but ready that he gets the help he needs. Well going to go clean some more and then head to bed. talk soon! I promise when the weather gets better i'll be back to my normal hours of designing im just going through alot at the moment and its to cold to sit at the computer. I hope you all are doing great and staying warm. Godbless!!