Merry Christmas

December 25 2022

Hey how are ya'll doing on this beautiful day. Hope you had a great christmas.. Kids got what they wanted and everyone is happy for now. Don't got much to say, just wanted to jump on here to say "Merry Christmas" to you all. Have happy new year! Talk soon!

Sorry been kinda busy lately.

December 16 2022

Hello there, how is it going? it's been a while since i wrote anything but i been hella busy like crazy. Today did a little christmas shopping and then came home. Didn't want to much out there cause its cold outside. They say by next week we should be in the 18teens Do you really think i wanna be out there nope. well i have great news. If you don't believe in god i don't know what to tell you but we got a blessing that my dad was in remission and on tuesday he had surgery to put him back together again. He came home yesterday and im just so happy to see him back home and now he can use the regular restroom again. It had been really hard and stress on us all because he had the bag. My mom was getting use to changing it like every other day just so he could be clean and comfortable i give priase to my mother for doing an amazing job on that. But not he is back together and doesn't have to worry about doing that anymore. With god everything is possiable but with out him nothing is. I always thank you Jesus for another day and God is in control in my life. I am just so thankful that my dad is alive, kicking it and kicked Cancer in the ass.. We really good the gift of the lord for christmas..Well these two weeks with kids at home lets see how things keep going lol. They gonna eat us out the house lol..
Anyways i know i said i would make another layout but with helping my mom with my dad i just can't really tell you when things will happen and plus i been exhausted from running around here and there and the amout of people shopping for christmas is insane. They should really close at a certian time to let the people with anxiety people show lol. Just a thought..

Anyways talk soon! Merry Christmas.. I don't think i'll have time to make a layout i guess well see. talk soon!!

Whats up? still alive and kicking.

12/08/2022 - 9:00am

Hey how you doing? its been a few days and now comning around to blog lol. Sorry it was such a short post last time. I just been lazy about bloging and stuff, but promise i am here to stay. Kids are getting excited for christmas. So whats been going on. Nothing really getting my dad preped for sugery this week and hopefully he will be better. Iam looking forward to him feeling alot better. after this we for sure need a vacation lol. So yesterday i got the kids to play video games with me and we played a few and then decided that they wanted to play just dance and so i said they could pay and i would rest because i had a headache. So they stand up there in the room playing a few songs and winning games lol. I just sat there and watched them and my daughter was laughing.. I bought a nintendo switch like a two weeks ago so we could all come together and play games. So thats what they been doing after school is asking mom wanna play and i always say yes.. So we play and then they tell me what to do in the game lol. its so much fun. Ive had a blast with them. So far so good.. I got super mario 3d world and some other games we could play together and what they did is put there information in and downloaded some more games lol.. So thats what we been doing for the last 2 weeks. Anyways not much is going on its been slow. I been staying off the internet and been doing my own thing here and there. I do how ever want to make a new layout but my computer for an hour didn't want to work it was being a butthole anyways hope everyone is doing ok, living life to the fullest.I guess thats all i have to say today. I'll blog more this month but no promises lol.. talk soon!!

Goooood News....

12/06/2022 - 8:09am

well i got good news my Dad's in remission im so happy. I knew last week but didn't want to be putting it out there yet and plus i been busy lol..

Anyways i bought a new nintendo switch for my room so me and my kids could play video games together. We bough a shit load of snacks yesterday and then came home and played video games lol. it was so much fun. We had a blast. anyways not much has been going on. Im gonna work on a new layout not sure if i wanna do a christmas theme just yet, well see what i come up with. anyways sorry for the lack of updates. Im still around! talk soon!