The Days Are going Fast..

Date:8/25/21 - Time:11:46pm
The days are going by fast and the time is going by so quick its like i cant catch up before you know it, its going to be Sept. Christmas is not that far away. well let me tell you the day i had. Its messy. So i got up hell early to get my ID and that shit didnt go through because i need one more paper to prove who i am ugh they make this shit hard. Thats all im going to say on that subject. My son got bit by something we are not sure what. Took him to the ER and they decided to poke it and let it all out cause it looked back. they testing it to see what bit him. I dunno it took freaking forever the whole day. well they patched him up and he is fine. they gave him some medication he has to take to make sure he kills whatever took a bite of him. im like u must clean your room. So hopefully we start tomorrow after school that is.
Schools are closing due to covid outbreak and starting in sept. But is it really safe to really sent your kids though. i mean i dont trust it and people that have a shot can still get the covid so ur not really protected. still not getting mind and not getting the kids. Just my persnol thing. I just pray that god is watching us and keeping us safe by us keeping a mask on and keeping things in order by being safe. Only god can take care of us. Today at the hospital some guy said he had covid. I started to pray that we dont get anything. that was way to close to us. I dont know why they kept him in that same room with us. but they should of had him some where else. But its scary when you can effect people if you do have it. I mean only god was right there taking care of us. I think him that we didnt get it. we arnt either. With god he is powerful..
Yay star girl is back on so going to go watch that and go fill my glass up with some sprite. I bought a new cup a "Yeti" and i been using it every single day. well talk soon!

Sunday got here fast...

Date:8/22/21 - time:8:09PM
so if someone walked up to you today and told you to not be friends with someone would you? thats the question my question would be WHY? is it becuse they are not like you, they have a mental health problem, they are not white, they are gay or they don't belive in alians or maybe its cause they didnt get their shot? what would be a bad thing a person could tell someone not to be friends with someone. Why must we question those for what they belive in. should we judge those who dont follow the rules? should be stop judging people for what they might have or the color of their skin. we all bleed the same. Why must we keep doing this not be someones friend because they want to go with biden and not trump because they dont believe in god but air. why should we judge? ask your self why do we keep going on what people are saying. shouting out for them because they know whats best for you. honestly no one knows whats best for you. whats best for you is only you would know yourself. stop believing what other people are saying and what they say goes cause they dont run you, you run yourself. think about today! What im talking about...hope that makes sense. ttysoon!

Happy FridaY..

dATE:8/20/21 - Time:7:30pm
Hey whats up? I need a new computer chair mine sucks to really sit here and do alot of stuff. But i been ok. I worked on a few things on the site added some stuff and orgnaized stuff. But so whats going on? Nothing looks like where going to go back to wearing mask. 3 schools in Texas closed due to covid outbreaks and i think thats just going to be an on going thing. people in new york and a couple other places are forcing shots and we should have a choice if we want it or not thats one of the reasons why i havent got mine. We need to stand up for our rights and the more the force us the more it gets harder for us to have a choice. Well in the super markets they are making people who have shots make it easy for them to go in there and buy food and the ones that havent are forced to make us stop buying food. if we don't pray for our freedom this whole thing going down. Everything we worked for is gonna get bad and those with no food is going to make it harder. im just saying we need to start coming together and praying for our country to pray for it so that god can heal our land. Its getting scary and scarey for my kids to have to go through this and see this. its not getting any better..the end is near and people dont see that. lets start a praying group. whos in? well thats all im going to talk about today. talk soon!

Just updated....

date: 8/18/21 - Time:6:59pm
Wow i added 19 pages of pixels and some mpages for boxes. i did alot but got distracted alot lol.. just a quick update to let you know!

Being accused of stealing...

Date:8/16/21 - time:7:18pm
So me and my daughter walk in worlds market We love this place me and my daughter i walk away from my daughter to go look at cleance stuff and this lady stares at me for no reason and targets me and plans out ask me if i stoled something and im like why would I, i have money and what could i possibly have stolen from there i just go there for candy. But i didnt want to answer her cause it was none of her bizz. But it pissed me off like WTF yea they tell u to respect your elders and belive me i wanted to say something. She didnt even work there. she was some old lady that probably needed to go home already. I honestly think she was the one stealing at this point. my mom said why are u targeting me then she was trying to laugh about it and im like omg i dont want to laugh any more u dont pissed me off. while i was inline to pay she just stared at me. while i opened up my purse and put my ipone back in and take my wallet out. she ran off and left her stuff so probably she said she better get home im making people mad. ugh what a day. My mom goes everytime i dont go things happen.. lol i know my mom she will tell anyone off.. lol but that was just today. glad its over with.. ttyl

Lesson learned Maybe?

Date:8/13/21 - Time:2:13pm - Music:None
hey whats up? so this week went by pretty fast huh. we went by and picked up some pizza for todaY. Just to much cooking and it was time to take a break lol. Im still getting up to make eggs in the morning. I found a plant based eggs and have been eating those in the morning and now im just happy to have something i can eat ya know.
Well drama seems to find me when im not looking lol. drama as in maybe i went to jail for 24 hours and not jail jail but facebook jail and for me i just like to go on there for fun and games and to laugh and i just posted a picture about the vaccine and none vaccine now that we know that even if you got the shot you can still get sick and so rather u want it or not you are not protected but they are facing people to get it. I dont have mine and im not going to get it. But can we all get along gesh this vaccine got people sepration and thats what the meme was about. Me i post it 3 times and i went to jail im not but it wasn't bad my mom could post it but i couldnt.. thats so unfair. and stupid if you ask me.. ugh. today is friday but this week is just going to fast for me to even catch up. how is everyone doing? if you guys need a host please check out Love Acid Hosting i am hosting free and paid. of course if you want something costmized we can do that too. Give me a chance :)..But if not thats ok to. i know how it is when you are looking for a new host and just there is so many out there.. Im mostly always on. everyday. I am also gonna do reseller once i get everything up and running maybe later but for now i have a few things online.. Also monthly plans are simple and cheap. Just to fit your budget Hopefully. hosting shouldnt cost an arm and a leg. should be comforable about what u are buying. anyways just wanted to come on here and blog real fast. talk to you all later ;)

Whats new

Date:8/08/21 - Time:8:17pm - Music:Britney spears
Hey whats up? just wanted to put on whats new!
5 pages of backgrounds
4 pages of boxes
My calender at the bottom of the cbox
I added Love Acid is a new doman for hosting.
I need to work on other domains i know i haven't got around to doing them. I just been working more on here. Tutorials are gonna have to go back in but haven't gottan around to doing them! Maybe soon!

hey whats up!

Date:08/08/21 - Time:4:37pm
Hey whats up? It sure has been a while since i updated i know i haven't really blogged in a while because i been under alot of new medication. So my i have PTSD i think thats what i should call it. Many people don't know but my ex husband was absuive towards me and even though its been many years since it happen it still is a part of me and sticks in my head from time to time and can make someone go crazy when you tell your brain to shut up and it doesnt i havent been diagnos with that im just saying that my brain wont stop thinking about the past even though its been 7 years ago when all that happen. I think alot of times it hurt me and it still bothers me and just want to stop thinking and leave it in the past. I don't ever talk about this issue with anyone or what i went through but I have been telling my mom little by little about it so she knows now the whole story but back then i couldnt really tell anyone and now i am able to talk about it. The only time i deal with my ex is because we have a son together had it been any different i wouldnt talk about this. but where gonna move on from that.
My ex wants our son to go live with him when he turns 14. My son tells me he doesnt want to live with his dad. He wants to see him but he does not want to live with him and his dad didnt directly talk to me it was his mother who got mad at me because of the child support which has nothing to do with her. I haven;t really talked about it byt while my site was down me and my ex mother in law got into an arguement because of the child support and the amount they want him to pay. I didnt make the law up and for the past few years i didnt make a stink about how low he was giving to support his child. Now all of sudden they want to start shit with me for no reason. They don't want me to be right about anything. So law has made it that the 1st child gets more. I didnt just come up with this deal lol. Child support gives first child 20% next child gets 17% and the next child gets 13% his dad things that all of his children get 30% but thats if it is with the same mom. he has me and some other chick with 2 other kids that he pays for. So 3 children in child support. I know at the end of the day they wont take all your money because you also have to support himself. But me being me feels bad but at the same time i just want whats far for our son. I use that money for him and his entertainment and whatever he needs or wants. But they see if that im fighting for. It's sad that people have to see it i mean wouldnt u want to give your child everything. I dunno i wish the things where different. I went to court that day and had to sign papers and hopefully things turn around and they see it better. My son is begging me for "Jordans" shoes and he also wants a playstation 5 and those are hard to find. Christmas will be coming soon and i can't wait to get that for him. As for the shoes i want to take him to the mall i couldnt beleive he asked for jordans lol. Im like there expensive but he loves shoes like i do. I only wear nothing but sneakers my brand is VANS.
What else is new i also try to go on a few dates but its hard to date at my age no one wants to take you on a date and they are mostly like oh why dont you come to my crib and im like no take me out or dont be honest. I know eventally i'll be out looking for someone and see when the time comes lol im so overwhelming to look for someone. maybe im just being picky. but i have to be.. anyways thats all i am going to blog for today/ you guys have a blessed day!

Links not working

i just wanted to put something up already. i found out i had some o my files already but i have to edit more pages to there right url. so nothing works some might work but might put you through a blank page lol.. so bare with me