Ever gone to someone site and wonder why they have no picture?

4/26/220- listinging to music

I been staying home for the last few days and now my neck is hurting. Welp i might be a diabetic which i was hoping not but it does run on my dad's side and i have to go in to find out if i am or not. I have no feelings that i do have it or not. But it is what it is if i have it then i have it atleast im not dying.

So i been to a couple of sites lately last week, usually you will see someones email on their page so you can email them. Oh and not to mention a picture maybe to see who u are or what you look like? to me that feels like you are hiding from someone.. What are you hiding. Theres some really good sites out there but my question is why isn't there an about me page so we can get to know who you are. Like the one that claimed i didn't credit her lol yea im going to bring that up. I know her name and last name because of her facebook but is that really her name? i mean i kind of question it. She's good at coding but who are you talking to? Why isn't there an email? why is the credit page hiding? why are their no pictures of you? Do you even know who the person is. Someone that emailed me said it was her bestfriend. I don't know why i was targeted in the first place. Why that person got into it with me through email? all i got was a first name and last name through email. But why don't you have an about me page? I don't want to hate on anyone or start any trouble but are you ashame of what you look like? are we going to judge probly i mean your going to be judged no matter were you are at. people will judge, are you ugly? maybe big boned? I mean its ok if you are. I know im not perfect i just question and want to know who the person is behind the website. why is that so much to ask for?

Let's see what else was i going to talk about today. Why do men find the wrong kind of women in the first place. women who are drugs, or goes back to ex's? something they are attracted to maybe? Im a good person, but i also bite when it comes to me or my family. I talk back i want to have the last word and I wanna win all the time and oh yea i do make people cry lol. It's because my frist husband was very abusive and i kinda of learned from them. But i get along with everyone and everyone likes me. But i can come back at you so hard that you wont know what to do lol.. Thats just who i am i can't stop it and then i apologize later.. but if you want someone good you have to look in the right direction cause you just might miss the good in people..Thats all im going to say about that.. Talk soon!

This header is alot better. imo

5:28pm - 4/25/22 watching a new show

So i found this new show on Paramount plus its between evil and God its called Stand. What would you choose? I would choose god because with out him i don't know were i would be at today.

Let's talk about people who just don't email anymore. I mean i get it you don't want to email a person and tell them how you feel. Some people are on the internet with fake names, fake lies and telling stright up lies like no one tells the truth anymore. It's pretty sad because i stay open with how i feel and i tell the truth on how i feel and if i need to email someone i will because theres some stuff that needs to be said. I will type up a blog but about how i feel cause the email sometimes people don't have there email on there site and sometimes i don't sit on the computer very long. But maybe theres some miss understanding, maybe someone doesn't want to come out and say who the truth. I'm not a shame i'll stay loyal as a friend and loyal with the truth. If you want to believe everything everyone else says. Look at the way they act. I didn't bring it up but i bet someone else did and said something about me. It's honestly ok. I know What i did and what other people are lying about. Which brings me to evil people are evil and its sad what kind of life they live. I Protect my friends and if we talk everyday were consider sisters, friends loyal and honesty. If you simply do not want to be affies email me at: sheisloved0@gmail.com. No Games. tell me the truth why you don't want to be friends or why you decided not to be affies with me. Don't lie because im way to smart for people that lie. Just be honest rather its bad or good it doesn't matter. No hard feelings just be honest is all i ask. Im not here to hurt anyone im here to blog about people hating each other because one stoled someones colors from there site i still laugh today about it. Cause it reminds me of a brother and a sister and being like children who act like someone took their crayons. At anyone point anyone can use any colors you have no right to them. Oh and i'll say to the person who you have as a spotlight lies but i'll let you find out on your own. You can decide who you want to be friends with and who you don't you are grownup and you can make that up to you how you want. But i figure that person out real fast. She picks on people who are pretty and maybe shes not i don't know what she looks like. Because again people be lying on the internet now days. Not me though because this is my site i stay honest and i stay truthful. Anyways its all good it is what it is. People never believe the good in people they believe in lies cause lies are what people go with now days. I like honest people, honest and real who tell the truth. Hell my ass hurts sitting here typing this shit up. Im not perfect. Your not the only one going through something i got issues to and im not ashame to admit that. anyways its whatever no hard feelings it is what it is. Can't change it. But believe who you want to belive or don't i honestly don't care. But i thought i would blog about how it made me feel at the beginning. Later i'll make a joke out of it and giggle about it later.. Anwyays

Let's get real so my dads doing real good, better he scared me there for a sec everything he is going through. So he still has to do 3 more treatments and then he has a cat scan to see if the tumour has gone down and if it has then they will put him back together again. IT's been pretty hectic around here lately we had family come from florida and then we just been busy everyday. I just wish we all could go but we don't fit lol.. Anyways i will talk to you later i just needed to blog about things and how i feel because if i don't get it off my chest then its going to bug me this is why i keep a blog.talk soon! Going to watch this show its really good!

Changed the layout....Not sure if i like it.

12:22am - 4/23/2022

Hey hows it going? I know its been about a week since I blogged. I's been pretty crazy around here lately. My dad was in the hospital for a few days because his face was sort of black. Not sure what kind of infection he had going on but he refused to go to the hospital and i understand its just to much going on well good thing i helped my mom to get to the doctor so we could find out why it was that way. He finally went but it took a tooth and a nail to get get him to do. So afther all that he was in the hospital for a couple of days they said if he didn't come in that the infection could of killed him. Don't know what kind infection it was but we got him there just in time. He just can't get sick because of chemo. So that was last week, Then family came in and today we went and cut our hairs. I cut mine like a pixie cut. and its blue lol. I know gotta do something crazy. But so glad that my dad is ok. Then we had family come in. So we been busy. But tomorrow they will be going somewhere and i told my mom im exhausted so im staying home with the kids lol. So i will try and get some things done on the site like more tutorials but i wont promise you that i will. anyways im off to bed im tired. I don't know if i really like this layout. i like the colors but it'll grow on me i guess. I needed to change it. so there you have it. Talk soon!!

What a week, I been pretty busy and Tremors have been bad

04/14/22 - 8:44pm listing to Wicked Games

Hey, How are you all doing today/tonight? Well its been like the days have been going pretty fast lately. I been helping my mom do stuff and i been swapt with so much to do. Its hard to slow down. Also tremors have been really bad im suprised im even blogging at this moment on. Im still alive. I got family coming in next week to see my dad. I got a new dog shes my support animal she just got attact to me pretty quick. if i don't eay she don't eat so i have to eat so she can eat lol. went to walmart and found a smaller box to sent to my son's sisters i guess they would be half sisters im not exactly sure what you would call them because they have the same dad. My son said his dad wants to buy him a dirt bike and im thinking its not such a good idea cause he has Epilepsy. So theres that. But I have enough on my plate and hes coming july 4th. I hope we are able to talk about it and see how things go. Our son wants a playatation now if he can pay half or buy it and i buy the games that would be great thats really what my sons been asking for. Well see what happens, My daughters dad is in jail i think hes going to serve 2 years which i think they should throw away the key at this moment on. I know i don't talk about either one. But my daughters dad has been on drugs for a long time and never has tried to see her or pay child support and my daughter is like when i get older im going to sue him for all that money. LOL shes smart 15 year old.

Anyways dad's chemo went good and hes been eating more which is just great. So much as been going on i have to clean this room and i want another ikea cub shelve to get one for the closet so it can be organized. well tremors is getting worse so im going to shower and get to bed early. talk soon!

Yesterday got an email.....Let's talk..

04/08/2022 - 6:58am

Well Since i got up yesterday and did some paper work online and decided to check my email. cause i ordered something from shein.com im addicted for the prices. Anyways I think this person should of emailed the person that she has beef with. Not me what do i have to do with this. Im not messenger. It makes you look dumb at this point. I emailed her back something short and sweet. I honestly think at this point its all funny, I don't understand why they are hating and they keep blaming my friend for things when simply they made the post so there actions are no good here. its tacky. I do not know the whole story of it all. I don't know if it has to do with crayons or that my friend said she was going to delete her layout. I convince her not to do it. Shes fine. If you don't like what i post then don't visit my site. But i think people should know that PS made the POST not OP my friend. So there for look at what you did before you point fingers. We don't got time for drama i have enough on my plate and thats all im going to say on this subject..Thanks for the laugh though i needed it. I will keep on saying something as long as i want since its my blog! the tables are turn and you don't like it now. See how it feels and how my friend felt.. anyways talk soon.

Dad has to do blood test so talk soon!!
if tremours lighting up i'll be desiging new layout soon! ttyl Thansk for reading!!

Wow what a crazy monday..

4/5/22 - 11:50am

I got up early to take the dog outside and i came in and went back to sleep. Tremours are bad its hard to hold stuff, about to put on makeup and hit the road to go somewhere.. But monday was crazy. id sit here and tell you but don't want to gross you all out. So will keep it clean. How ever I been doing good just resting. I did mention i need to sent this package out but don't have any tape i mean i do somewhere but don't know where its at and im in a cleaning mood right now lol.. its bad. Well talk to you all later..

The Drama Keeps going on and on.

4/3/22 - 12:39pm

Well first i want to point out that Ps is getting all her little friends to contact my friend OP for whatever reason this needs to stop. Now someone else contacted my friend op telling her they didn't want to do anything with her anymore because shes friends with PS. I don't know what is wrong with people its like your supposed to be perfect or something. I don't know why "Liz" decided to tell her this in the first place. Ps, i don't know what shes doing or what your telling your friends but i believe there is two sides to the story.. First of all whatever happen in the past she can use any color let me first say that its not like she stoled your crayons or your stuff. At this point i don't know why everyone is being mean to my friend OP. It's sad to be honest. Being mean to each other for no reason. First of all PS made a post first and OP went to her site and told PS if she wanted to be affies. PS then decides to make a post about OP and then tells OP on her cbox to go to her site and read why she won't be affies when simply PS could have just emailed her why she didn't want to be ops friend.. Im not asking anyone to for anything but for a stupid respons that OP said she was deleting her site and not everyone thats friends with PS don't want to be ops friend. Gesh It's very childish if you ask me to get all your friends to go and tell her they don't want anything to do with her is just flat out wrong. This is honestlyu between ps and op. The only reason why im making a post is because ya need to grow up and stop being bitches about it. Where grown ups. If your friends with "nine" and don't want to be friends with "ten" then don't message her but don't be rude and tell her i don't want to be your friend. Like come on. I don't think this drama is over. Thats all im going to say is grow tfup. STOP your actions cause that hurts. Leave the drama between them.. Don't think where losing sleep over this cause where not. We slept great. Eat a good meal and just relaxing.. We don't get butt hurt we just move on and yall should to..

Wow Well we went to the biggest flea market and im exhausted from yesterday. Got a new puppy and shes attached to me. To find pictures you can follow me on instagram @ uahosting

Dad's doing good. Tremours are bad so i don't think i'll start learning anything at the moment and i been pretty swapt with things to do. I need to send two packages and my son wants Jordans which im going to have to buy online. But I got to take care of my little baby shes a chihuhaua and shes so hard to what to give her to eat. She's finally eating at first i had to give her what i was eating so i had to eat so she could eat. She always wants me to pick her up and im like i can't babes. I gotta do stuff. Like um blogging. Im doing ok though. They put me on new meds and it seems to be working its just the tremours are so bad lately. Well im going to get going the baby is crying she wants to lay in bed.. LOL..

Please stop with the drama no one should have to feel like unwanted thats all im asking. Thanks for reading..