Decided to rewrite this. Be Professnal no matter were it gets you. Honestly let me frist mention that Im human and i make mistakes. But Also don't desreve to be treated like im 5 either and By kayla keeping the post up shows proof that she cares but who am i to judge. Lets start.

1.See if i remember what she said because i don't go to her website at all. She said i was obbssessed but thats a lie. I Thought she was contacting all my affies to tell them to stay away from me. Clearly i think it was only one from what she said. So when that person showed me screen shots of Kayla had sent her. I was like devasted cause for someone that doesn't care sure had time to message her on FB. I don't tell my Affies to be friends with who ever they want to. I dont get on FB at all. So anyways when that happen. Yes i was upset and assumed that she had emailed all my affies and who ever got into it told her otherwise that i made blogs about her. I just made jokes because of the things she was saying thats how i cope with things.How ever none of them as bad it was stating how i felt at the moment. The one time i did mention her was because of the affies she addressed she said she didn't care right but she went on FB made a post about me to address everyone that i had stolen her stylesheet and to be aware of me. Which shows a person that cares so much. Thats all im going to say about that.

2.This last time when she mention i stoled her stylesheet was a lie, how ever i had her link on my credits page on and she came to the site a couple of times and was VERY rude to me. She could of handle it a different way. How ever. When she didn't say i linked her she was talking about That one was in the processing to get removed so i left it as is. She never said please she never said that. Maybe post it later to make herself look good. But It wasn't on the .com it was at xyz but when i mention i had her linked on the .com she went into a range and I couldn't talk to her anymore. She went on the deep end. But she didn't say which site she was talking about either. I deleted the comments on because it look tacky. I didn't get mad because she said i stoled anything i just laughed because on the .com i had her linked ALWAYS. But she didn't say that. She just went on like someone gave her something to want to fight with me for no reason. We should of talked about it and discussed which site she was talking about cause this whole time i thought she was talking about and it was Anyways Its no hard feelings anymore.

3. She says im obbessed. But im not cause im just typing about the whole crap!

4.Age has nothing do with the whole thing. She keeps saying and her friends keep saying your this age lol and why are you acting this way lol. Sorry it makes me laugh cause im like who says that. Im guessing kayla must be in her 30s and is a mother and married and yet owning a website is fun and probably a hobby but she sure does have an ugly mouth on her. What i mean when i say ugly i mean like using words with F, P and other words and im starting to think with a mouth like that she might be a guy. IDK. But she has a potty mouth.. I may be 40 but i don't curse and i don't curse at no body in fact when you meet me or talk to me in a email you will notice how sweet i am to you, how i have a heart of gold. I have older friends who are my friend cause im sweet. But enough about me..

5. I would never mention if someone was big boned or not. I wouldn't care i just wanted to know what Kayla looked like thats all. Theres nothing wrong in finding out what people look like. I would never mention your body image she twisted those words to make me feel like im a bad person.

NOTE: No matter what i say you guys are going to belive her no matter what and thats fine. But this be the last time i'll address this crap because for someone who doesnt care sure does keep the post up!

She pretends to be her self in her chat, lol. Probably crazy or obbessed. What im doing here is just answering her little story she put up. I try not to be rude or put anyone down. or threathen that im going to do something cause its a waste. as it is i don't get on here much!

6.remember there is two sides to a story. If you believe her then why are you even reading this. Probably to report to her and start new drama stop being the cobra.

7.I can't remember what else was said. Don't feel like going to the website cause it just makes me sad. It makes me sad because we could of been friends but she was rude about everything and i didn't get no screen shots to prove my side. Those are the things i wish i could of got but what prove would it been to proof the case? would it have helped? would people believe me? i mean those are questions i ask myself. All i wanna do is tell the truth the side that im telling you that is true.. makes me wonder why a person acts the way they act. I get why she acted that way when i try to talk to her and tell her i had her linked on and she went off the deep end and became rude to me for no reason.But this whole time she was talking about She never mention that..She just kept on and on just being rude to me for no reason. How ever i was trying to explain to her that i had her linked. I never told anyone i made the stylesheet. When they asked i achually forgot were i got them from. In fact i think i got some of them from adam sites not knowing that they were stolen. long as she keeps the post up. I will keep posting this one..

updated: 8:06am 8/26/22 I'll finish this later !!